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10 Ways to Use PEGZ by ExcelMark

One of the stamp world’s best kept secrets is PEGZ by ExcelMark. PEGZ are these versatile little stamps that click together to form words and phrases.

There are hundreds of different letter stamps out there, but rather than trying to rubber band them together or risk that your impressions look like they’ve been made by a 4-year-old, PEGZ are a much more convenient choice.

Once you have a word or phrase ready, PEGZ are ideal for quick stamping -- no more searching for and stamping each individual letter every time. Plus, storage is a cinch. Simply snap them together in a compact block for easy organization.

PEGZ also allow you to expand your character collection by using expansion sets, including extra letters, symbols and numbers.

PEGZ by ExcelMark can be used for unlimited kinds of projects. No more custom ordering for all those small DIYs; just click together the word or phrase you want, and stamp away. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Planner/Calendar Stamps

Have a phrase or word you repeat over and over again when writing in your planner or calendar? Make it into a stamp to not only take away that hand cramp, but also add a pretty, eye-catching touch.

2. Dressing Up Envelopes

There's nothing we love more than pretty mail. We're not afraid to admit that 89% of our pins on Pinterest are of drool-worthy envelopes. Join the snail mail revolution by decorating your own. Stamp "please deliver to," "happy mail," "don't open until," "sealed with a kiss" or even you or your recipient's name. The list goes on!

3. Gift Tags/Packages

Having a custom gift tag is the easiest way to enhance a boring package. Stamp special greetings or season-specific phrases, or settle for the classic to/from. Don't feel like making a separate tag? Stamp right on the wrapping paper. Experiment with patterns of words, or try a simple "made with love."

4. Playing in Play-Doh or Clay

Does your child need help with his or her spelling or words? Bring out the Play-Doh and PEGZ. Flatten the Play-Doh until you have a smooth surface. Then have your child snap together the letters of their spelling words and press them lightly on the Play-Doh. They'll love seeing the words come to life!

Want something a little more permanent? Try stamping in clay, bake it and have your own personalized coaster. Check out the tutorial here.

5. Labeling Items

With the kids heading back to school, now is the perfect time to label their supplies and avoid the lost and found. A quick “Property of…” or "Belongs to..." impression on notebooks, folders, etc., should do the trick. Pass over the PEGZ to your child and let them add their own personal touch with some stamped designs.

6. Scrapbooking

Even if you have a large collection of scrapbooking stamps, there's always that one word or phrase you wish you had. PEGZ can help fill in those pages that need that something special!

7. Business & Branding

Need to stamp something for your your small business? PEGZ by Excelmark are a great solution for package branding, marketing and more. Start with your business' name, a thank you, or a friendly salutation to your customers.

8. Weddings

There are a million and one ways to incorporate stamps into your wedding DIYs. Enhance favors, place cards, cupcake toppers, save the dates, invites and thank yous. Hand-stamped items always add a personal touch to your special day.

9. Ex Libris Stamps

Leave your impression in all your books! Ex libris stamps allow you to add ownership to your personal library so you never lose a book again.

10. Office Needs

There's nothing worse than mundane tasks at the office. But using PEGZ can help busy work run smoothly! Create any impression you need: copy, filed, for deposit only, paid, cancelled, confidential, draft and more. Convenience at its finest.



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