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Embossing Ideas for Your Next Halloween Party

It's that time of year again- the time of year when the leaves turn red, orange and yellow, the air becomes cool and crisp, pumpkins start showing up at the local grocery store, and kids start planning their costumes for trick-or-treat. Some of you may even be thinking of throwing a Halloween party for all your spooky friends. We thought it would be fun to create Halloween themed party décor and invitations that would inspire you all to do some crafting for the upcoming holiday. There are so many fun things you can do to throw a great party that are cost-effective and will help you exert some creative energy this Halloween season. We decided to have some fun with heat embossing techniques to create fun and unique Halloween party invitations and decorations.



Making your own party materials is a great way to have fun while adding a personal touch to your event that you and all of your guests will love. For our upcoming Halloween party, we went with a "Day of the Dead" theme. We designed our own custom stamp inspired by the sugar skulls that are popular during the bright and colorful Mexican celebration of "Dia de los Muertos". We used our stamp to create party invitations, cupcake decorations, and a skull banner.



Our party decorations and invitations turned out great. Each invitation was unique and had it's own design and color combination. They were also super fun to make. Your guests would think your home-made DIY invites were a hit! For our invites, we used a traditional wood-mounted stamp and white ink to make the text impression. We thought it would be a cool idea to use a basic invitation stamp so that we could utilize it for events throughout year instead of just for one occasion. We then used gold gel pens to fill in our party information. The skull detail was made with our custom stamp. We used different colored inks and embossing powders to create a unique look for each invitation.



We used the same embossing techniques to create the cupcake decorations and Halloween skull banner. The only thing that differed was that we used a slightly larger stamp to create the banner. will let you customize your own stamp with just about any image or text you can think of, so don't be afraid to get creative! After embossing our images onto card stock, we then cut out our work of art so that they were in the shape of a skull.



What is heat embossing and how do you do it?

Heat embossing provides a slightly dimensional, raised effect and gives an elegant look to just about any stationary project.

What will you need?

A stamp: You can use any rubber stamp for your project, but we suggest using a stamp with bold, clear lines in order to achieve a crisp embossed image. We took our chances with an intricately designed stamp, and our turned out great!

Embossing Powder: Powders come in all different colors and types, but gold and black are the most versatile.

Paper: Pretty much any paper can be used for embossing from card stock, to construction paper, and even glossy and specialty papers. It is wise to use a heavier paper weight so that the edges don't curl up when heated with the embossing gun.

Ink: You will want to use a pigment ink pad because they dry slowly, giving you time to apply embossing powder that will stick to your image before you heat it up. If you stamp with colored ink, your embossed image will still show up as the color of your embossing powder and not the ink used. However, using different colored inks can enhance your image and add some depth to it. We experimented with different ink colors and found that with glittery embossing powder, our images had an almost holographic effect.

An embossing gun: These are relatively inexpensive and help you target your heat towards the image very easily, preventing you from burning your fingers. Make sure you are embossing on a heat resistant surface. heat embossers can get up to 600 degrees!

How to heat emboss: Ink the stamp with your embossing ink pad and stamp on your paper.



Quickly pour your embossing powder on the image to cover the entire image.



Shake the excess powder onto a piece of scrap paper. Roll the scrap paper into a funnel to pour the excess powder back into the bottle. Place the paper on your heat-resistant surface.



Hold the embossing gun about 3-6" away from your impression. Sweep the heat gun over the image for about thirty seconds.



As the embossing powder melts, it will become smooth and three dimensional.



That’s it! You now know how to heat emboss! With heat embossing techniques, you can make just about any traditional paper project more fun. Tell us what you think about our heat embossed party invites and decorations that we made using traditional stamps. We would love to see your heat embossed creations as well! We hope you were inspired to have some fun this Halloween season and make some BOOOOOtiful projects. Happy Stamping!




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