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How to Make DIY Ornaments with Custom Rubber Stamps

Decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun activity for families during the holidays. It is a great time to spend quality time together and keep up with annual tradition. This year we wanted to start a new tradition of making our own homemade ornaments for the tree that we can display each year, making our tree look extra special. We made DIY ornaments using rubber stamps and just a few other materials. These are super easy to create! And with custom rubber stamps, there are so many different types of ornaments you can make.

What you need:

-Wood disks (Michael's)
-Rubber Stamps ( You can choose to use individual letters or get a custom stamp created with your name, picture, or phrase on it.


Step by Step:

Step 1:

Use and your favorite color to stamp your design on your wooden disks. You can use or custom letter stamps in different fonts to add your own unique and personalized style to your ornaments. Kids will especially have fun stamping their own ornaments and coming up with their own creative pieces.


Step 2:

Use a hammer to insert two nails into the wooden disks, one on each side of the ornament. Make Sure to leave a little room between the bark and the nail head so you can add twine or string.


Step 3:

Tie one piece of twine around around the nail to create the hang string portion of the ornament.


That's it!


It is really just as simple as these three steps. The possibilities are endless with custom stamps. Anything you can dream off can be made into a rubber stamp in order to get the style you're looking for. You may wish to add embellishments to your ornament or experiment with different ink colors.



We really like the rustic feel of our ornaments, and they worked well with the theme of our tree this year. This is such a fun project because you have the opportunity to put each friend or family member's personal touch on your tree, and it is something you can look forward to each holiday season. With custom stamps, you can start a new tradition of personalized ornaments each year, or make them as gifts for family and friends throughout the season.



Check out our custom wood stamp sizes on our website to create your own stamp. You can upload your artwork very easily using our software. Otherwise, we have holiday designs and monogram designs featured on our website.



We hope you liked our DIY holiday ornaments. Share with us your homemade holiday ornaments or décor and we will feature it on our Facebook page. Happy Stamping!




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