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Teacher Stamps - Back 2 School

It’s almost that time of year again – back to school! That means it is time to go back-to-school shopping for the kids. But you shouldn’t forget that it’s also time for teachers to do a little back-to-school shopping themselves. They need to be equipped with the best supplies in order to teach our future Einsteins, Benjamin Franklins and Neil Armstrongs, and rubber stamps are a classroom accessory they could really use!



Teacher stamps are a quick and easy way to stamp an image or message onto a page and can be easily repeated over and over. In addition, there are many fun and cute designs available, which means that teachers can easily bring a smile to their students’ faces and make their message really stand out. We carry a range of stamps specially designed for teachers, and can make custom stamps that would make a great gift for that special teacher in anybody’s life.



There are many different types of stamps to choose from. Teachers can use motivational stamps to add a positive message or encouragement on a page. They also come in many varieties that can be suitable for different age groups and subject matters. We even offer motivational stamps in Spanish! And of course, you can’t forget about the librarians. They will need a dater stamp that they can rely on to stamp due dates on checked out books.



Custom stamps for teachers can even include messages for parents. These stamps may request a parent’s signature or share important information like missing assignments. Instead of using printers, teachers can stamp scrap paper to use for hall passes or detention slips (let’s hope they don’t need to use that one too often!). Custom rubber stamps are ideal for teachers and can be completely uniquely designed. Or you can choose to customize one of our many pre-designed stamps to add a personal touch. They can be perfect for personal messages such as “From the classroom of Mrs. Connely” for example. Stamps can even be used for rewarding great performance and for grading purposes. Teachers may use a set of stamps, like smiley or sad faces, to represent different grades on homework. Shape and alphabet stamps could be used for the same purpose but also could function as a decorative piece or to imprint a custom message.



If students are going to be using the rubber stamps, then traditional stamps with washable inks may be very useful. There are many fun projects that teachers can do with their students using rubber stamps, and they could get messy. Of course this is probably more important for teachers of young children, but definitely something to consider. Rubber stamps made especially for teachers are a great tool for the classroom. Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts, but when it comes time for back to school shopping, don’t forget to order your rubber stamps from! Teacher Stamp Giveaway




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