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The Logo Stamp In Action: Swig in Downtown Milwaukee

Custom rubber stamps can come in all varieties and serve many purposes. You can customize stamps with any image or text for administrative purposes, DIY projects at home, return addresses, monograms, “save the dates”, crafting projects and even marketing purposes. You may remember our recent post introducing the custom logo stamp as the ultimate branding tool.



Swig, a contemporary American restaurant in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, sets a great example of how you can use custom stamps as cost effective marketing and branding tools. We replaced their old traditional wood-mounted logo stamp with custom ExcelMark stamps and had them try them out first hand, and what they did with them was great! Swig used a pre-inked Excel mark stamp with their logo on it to brand their bags and carryout boxes. They also used a self-inking inspection stamp with their logo on it to mark their loyalty cards.


swig blog 2


“The inspection stamp we use for our loyalty cards is great because it features our unique logo that can’t be duplicated anywhere else..,” said Eric Edwards, General Manager of Swig. “. It is also easy to use, the impression is crisp and clean every time and the clear bottom allows perfect placement and no need for an ink pad”



Branding materials that are going to be seen by people in public is very important for brand recognition, so making sure their logo was on their carry-out bags and boxes was essential for Swig. “The large logo stamp we are using for carryout items is awesome,” said Eric, “It is nice not having to use an ink pad like we did in the past. It was messy and the process was slower. Plus I love how crisp and neat the impression is and it really fits nicely with our aesthetic. We will continue to use the ExcelMark logo stamps from from now on.”


swig blog 6


The logos can be clearly seen out in public and offer passersby a reminder of the Swig brand outside of the restaurant. Considering the price of advertising and printing materials, the custom logo stamp is really a cost-effective way to advertise because it lasts for tens of thousands of impressions and it will produce a perfect imprint every time. Whether utilizing your business logo on product labels, tags, business cards, daily mailings, at business seminars or conferences, or having it handy for special events, your logo rubber stamp will provide years of lasting brand recognition. We love how Swig incorporates rubber stamps into their business! See how creative you can be with a custom logo stamp from We would love to hear about it!




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