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Twist Offs® Frame by ExcelMark Directions

Finally, convenient, changeable picture frames without nails or wall damage! The Twist Offs® Frame by ExcelMark is changing the face of easy decorating.

These versatile picture frames feature Twist Offs® technology for easy décor changes with little effort. After sticking the frame to the wall, you'll be able to pop the frame off, change out the photo and mat color, and then replace the frame exactly where it was. Want a new look? Take off the Twist Offs® mounts without any damage to your wall, snap them back into the frame, and place the frame in a brand new location. Use the Twist Offs® Frame by ExcelMark time and time again! It's perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, offices, assisted living spaces and more.

Twist Offs® Frame by ExcelMark Components

  • 1 frame
  • 1 white mat
  • 1 black mat
  • 1 acrylic cover
  • 2 Twist Offs® mounts

Twist Offs® Frame Assembly

For vertical pictures, make sure that the ExcelMark logo on the back of the frame is upright.

For horizontal pictures, make sure that the "E" in the ExcelMark logo is at the top of the frame.

First, disassemble the frame by gently pushing the blunt end of a pen through the circle on the back of the frame. You'll find an acrylic cover, one white mat and one black mat inside.

Peel off the protective sheet on both sides of the clear acrylic cover.

Place down your photo first. The frame fits pictures that are 5" x 7" or 4" x 6" (with a mat).

Next, if desired, place down the white or black mat.

Finally, place the acrylic cover on top. Snap the cover into the frame to secure it. Your framed photo is ready to mount!

Twist-Offs® frames look great vertically and with a white mat...

Horizontally and with a black mat...

And with no mat at all!

Mounting Twist Offs® to the Wall

First, peel the liner off of the Twist-Offs® adhesive discs.

Then, press firmly onto your desired position on the wall.

Consider using a level for precise placement.

Changing Out Pictures

To change out a picture, apply pressure upwards for vertical pictures and to the left for horizontal pictures.

The Twist-Offs® mounts will stay on the wall, while the frame is free to switch out photos or mats.


* For extra hold (and permanent placement) on textured surfaces, Twist-Offs® feature a center hole for which to add a screw for supplemental strength. Place the frame first, then remove it again to expose the Twist-Offs® and screw them permanently into place.

After swapping out your display, reattach the frame to the exact same location by placing the frame back onto the Twist Offs®. For vertical photos, slide down to secure. For horizontal photos, slide right to secure.

Removing and Reusing Twist Offs®

To remove the Twist-Offs® from the wall, use a coin or screwdriver to rotate the mount until it releases. A twisting action will release the adhesive without causing wall damage.

To reattach the Twist-Offs® to the frame, first place them into the open slots on the back with the sticky side facing out.

Slide the Twist Offs® until they snap back into place.

Your picture frame is now ready to use again!

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