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Refill Ink

Refill ink keeps your impressions looking crisp without breaking the bank. Ink is available for many products including self inking stamps, pre inked stamps, quick dry stamps and even traditional stamp pads.

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White Industrial Ink - 20ml
Regular price $14.70

Yellow Industrial Ink - 20ml
Regular price $14.70

Purple Industrial Ink - 20ml
Regular price $14.70

Industrial Ink Solvent - 20ml
Regular price $14.70


Refill ink is used to keep the life of your self inking stamps, pre inked stamps, daters and rubber stamp pads going. Use the ink to revive your current stamp pad and keep stamping without having to order a brand new stamp. It's an easy way to get more mileage out of your investment and ensure that you're always able to make the perfect impression.


Be careful when selecting which refill ink you order because not all inks work with every stamp. In particular, the industrial ink is meant for Xstamper industrial stamps (F-Series). Do not use this ink in regular Xstampers. The Excelmark pre-inked refill ink is designed for all ExcelMark pre-inked stamps but should not be used in self inking stamps.

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