Acrylic Stamp Block with Stamp Cleaner

Mount your cling stamps with precision with this clear acrylic stamp block. Featuring an alignment grid, this transparent block allows you to place your stamp evenly on both the mount and your stamping destination. Stick on and peel off different reusable cling stamps without having to switch mounts. Included with your choice of size acrylic block is the 2-oz. Re:Marks cleaning solution! The non-toxic, water-based formula is a safe and effective way to ensure a mess-free stamping experience and preserve the longevity of your die plates or rubber stamps. When cleaning your die plate, we recommend using the solution before removing the die plate from the mount to prevent ink from getting on your hands.
  • Acrylic blocks are available in three sizes
  • Grid lines for easy alignment
  • For clear (cling) stamp dies
  • Includes the Re:Marks cleaning solution
  • Convenient spray top
  • 2-oz. bottle