DIY Stamped Easter Eggs

We've been so impressed with the level of creativity we've seen this year for decorating Easter eggs: washi tape, metallics, nail polish marbling, glitter, feathers...the list goes on. So we thought, why not stamped Easter eggs?!

Step 1:

To begin, we colored our eggs using a traditional egg-dyeing kit. Pastel colors are ideal for letting your stamps stand out.

Step 2:

Next, create some handmade stamps! We used an X-ACTO knife to carve out a few geometric shapes from foam cylinders we found at Michaels. It’s easier to carve the shape you want if you draw an outline with pencil first. If you have some old erasers lying around the house, they should work just as well as the foam.

Step 3:

Stamp some of your eggs using the handmade stamps and ink.

For the rest of your eggs, use an alphabet stamp set (ours was a clearance item at Target) and ink to print whatever word, name or phrase you’d like. We found that the smaller the letters, the better the result.

There you have it: easy, personalized eggs with a creative flair. Happy Easter!


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