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ExcelMark A-1539 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$22.99$11.99

9/16" by 1-1/2"

1099 reviews
2" by 2" Wood Rubber Stamp
Regular price$15.00$12.60

1470 reviews
ExcelMark Self-Inking Stamps
Regular price$18.00$11.99

1099 reviews
4" by 4" Wood Rubber Stamp

351 reviews
ExcelMark A-17 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$10.50

5/8" Diameter

136 reviews
Clear Acrylic Stamp Block

116 reviews
2" by 2" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$6.30

119 reviews
ExcelMark A-4545 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$26.25

1-5/8" by 1-5/8"

162 reviews
ExcelMark A-12 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$9.45

3/8" Diameter

149 reviews
1" by 1" Wood Rubber Stamp

1468 reviews
ExcelMark A-2359 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$18.90

7/8" by 2-5/16"

1099 reviews
4" by 4" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$8.40

107 reviews
Self-Inking Signature Stamp

3 Sizes Available

302 reviews
3/4" by 2" Wood Rubber Stamp

1470 reviews
Custom Wood Rubber Stamp

1470 reviews
2" by 4" Wood Rubber Stamp

1470 reviews

Wood Stamps

Wood stamps are a great way to add texture and interest to your paper crafting projects. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect stamp to fit your project. Wood stamps can be used with ink pads, markers, or paints to create unique designs.

Clear Stamps

Clear stamps offer a versatile and convenient way to add images and text to a variety of surfaces. They can be used with an acrylic block for easy placement, and can be stored on the included clear sheet for quick access. With so many possibilities, clear stamps are a must-have for any crafter!

Self Inking Stamps

There are many benefits to using self inking stamps. Self inking stamps are quicker and easier to use than traditional rubber stamps, and they require less maintenance. They also produce a consistent, clean impression every time. Self inking stamps are ideal for businesses or individuals who need to stamp documents frequently.

Traditional Stamps

Traditional rubber stamps, or wood handle stamps, are popular among stampers who like to craft while having an original rubber stamp feel. The traditional stamps have an image engraved in a block of rubber mounted on a wooden handle. The user transfers ink from the pad to the raised portion of the stamp, which is then pressed onto paper or other surfaces to create an impression.

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