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Inspection Stamps

An Inspection Stamp is a physical stamp that is placed on products or documents to show that they have been inspected. Inspection Stamps can be used for quality control purposes, to show that a product meets certain standards, or to indicate that a document is complete and accurate.

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ExcelMark A-17 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price $10.50

5/8" Diameter

130 reviews
ExcelMark A-12 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price $9.45

3/8" Diameter

147 reviews
ExcelMark A1515 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price $9.45

1/2" by 1/2"

14 reviews
ExcelMark A2020 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price $10.50

3/4" by 3/4"

5 reviews
Metal Inspection Stamp 1-A
Regular price $10.50

8 reviews
ExcelMark A43 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price $26.25

1-5/8" Diameter

6 reviews
Xstamper Inspection Stamp N32 A
Regular price $31.50

3 reviews


Inspection stamps are a crucial part of any quality control process. They provide a way to track when an item was inspected, and by whom. This information can be vital in identifying issues and ensuring that products meet quality standards. Inspection stamps come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs.


When deciding which stamp is best for you, consider the different options offered. If you plan to use the stamp repeatedly and do not want to reink it after each stamp consider a self-inking qc inspection stamp.

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