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Crafting Accessories

Crafting accessories are items that assist with crafting projects. This includes acrylic stamp blocks to hold your clear stamps, stamp cleaner to keep every stamp in peak condition, and a stamp cleaner pad to get rid of those stubborn marks on your stamp.

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Clear Acrylic Stamp Block
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110 reviews
Re:Marks Cleaning Solution
Regular price $8.40

12 reviews
Re:Marks Stamp Scrub-It Pad
Regular price $16.80

Archival Ink Cleaner
Regular price $10.50


Crafting Accessories come in a variety of options. Acrylic stamp blocks are necessary for anyone who wants to get the perfect impression every time. In addition to an acrylic stamp block, a stamp cleaner pad along with stamp cleaner can make your clean up process simple and easy. These items are essential for keeping your stamps and blocks in top condition so that you can continue to enjoy beautiful stamped images.


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