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Date Stamps

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ExcelMark R100 Date Stamp

15/16" by 1-11/16"

33 reviews
ExcelMark R300 Date Stamp

1-3/16" by 1-13/16"

33 reviews
ExcelMark 7810 Mini Dater
Regular price$10.50

Shiny S312 Dater
Regular price$17.85

1/8" Date Height

3 reviews
Trodat 5460 Dater
Regular price$57.75

1-1/4" by 2-3/16"

7 reviews
Shiny S300 Mini Dater
Regular price$14.70

1/8" Date Height

8 reviews
ExcelMark #1.5 Line Dater
Regular price$10.50

5/32" Date Height

3 reviews
Small Received Date Stamp
Regular price$10.50

5 reviews
Shiny S303 Mini Dater
Regular price$15.75

1/8" Date Height

5 reviews
Small Paid Date Stamp
Regular price$10.50

Shiny Received S-303 Dater
Regular price$12.60

Small Entered Date Stamp
Regular price$10.50

1 review
ExcelMark R800 Date Stamp

1-7/8" by 2-11/16"

33 reviews
ExcelMark 7820 Dater
Regular price$10.50

2 reviews
Shiny Paid S-303 Dater
Regular price$12.60


A date stamp is a rubber stamp with the current date on it. Date stamps are used to mark the date on documents, letters, and other items.Date stamps can be customized with your own text and design.


Aside from business uses, date stampers can be used on photos and wall art in order to remember when you got a piece of art or to remember when a picture was taken.


Choose from round and rectangle impressions, large or small sizes, and stock or customizable designs. Here you’ll find a personalized dater for any need: heavy-duty designs for high-volume stamping, lightweight and portable designs for inspections, and everything in between.

Self-inking mounts re-ink the rubber die into a self-contained ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for quick, repetitive stamping. Keep a dater on hand at the office, at school, at home or anywhere a date is needed!

Need ideas for your date stamp? Try this, 4 Non-Boring Ways to Use Date Stamps.

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