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Inspire, Create, and Earn

New private label craft stamp sets.

Your Designs

Bring your vision to life thorugh your illustrative designs for a true representation of your artistry. Let's collaborate and create something truly extraordinary!

Custom Branding

Custom brand your stamp sets to reflect your logo, brand colors, and personality, elevating your brand while making a lasting impression.


Your Customers

Maximize your sales potential with our embeddable "Buy Buttons," ready-made cart landing pages, and exclusive discount codes, making it effortless for your audience to purchase your products directly.

Get Paid

Boost your income effortlessly by earning a commission on all sales of your branded products. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of receiving affiliate commissions on any other products purchased from through your referral.

Hassle-free Manufacturing

Experience the ultimate convenience of our hassle-free, on-demand manufacturing service, where inventory concerns are a thing of the past. We take care of the entire process, from manufacturing to fulfilling orders for your customers, allowing you to focus on growing your business and pursuing your passions.


Increase Exposure

Capitalize on the vast reach of, as we help amplify your brand's visibility by leveraging our high traffic and robust marketing strategies. With thousands of unique visits every day, our platform offers unparalleled exposure to your products, content, and brand, paving the way for significant growth and a wider audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own stamps?

Yes! We encourage you to.

Can I continue working with other affiliations and content creation for competing brands?

Yes! Creators can continue working with other brands or creating content by themselves. The only exclusivity in this program is that the designs that are being created for and under the duration of this program, cannot be sold or manufactured elsewhere.

How much is the commission?

We offer highly competitive commissions and royalties for this program. The commissions and royalties percentages are intially based on the size of your audience. We are happy to increase percentages based on the popularity of stamp sets and participation within the program.

Where are my branded stamp sets sold?

Your stamp sets will only be sold on, however, there is an opportunity for you to list your sets on your website or blog. This is accomplished by using our e-commerce partner Shopify. Shopify allows us the ability to provide our partners with what is called a "buy button." This button is customized to your brand and can be added to your website or blog. When your audience shops your stamp sets, a pop-up window appears within your site. Checkout, purchase, and fulfilment are all completed by

What if I no longer want to participate?

If you're interested in ending the Private Label Agreement, all it takes is a quick email. Just send your request to and we'll officially terminate everything after 30 days of receiving written notice.

You retain complete ownership of the designs you've created yourself, so feel free to continue using them as you please. And don't worry - even if our illustrators helped create some of your projects, will never re-brand or resell those creations without your permission.

How much can I expect to earn?

It depends on your commission rate and participation in the program. is committed to helping you make the most of your stamp sets! We'll spread awareness through a variety of channels, like our website and email marketing, plus content creation and social media posts that could even include advertising opportunities if it's right for you. has thousands of daily website visitors and hundreds of daily orders as well as over 126K active email subscribers, over 11K Instagram followers, 26K Facebook followers, and dedication to the growth of our YouTube channel.

I'm ready to sign up - what's next?

Once we have aligned on all the agreements, it's time to sign. After that, we'll need a high-quality logo, your brand colors, and any other design elements. Then we'll start creating custom packaging with a look specifically designed for you.

In the meantime, create your personalized designs for a custom stamp set OR our illustrations team is here to help bring your ideas to life. We do not produce sets that have any inappropriate images or messaging. Designs must also refrain from any political content or references. We do reserve the right to deny or request changes to provided designs.

Once your designs are ready, we'll take them from there to finish the process! You'll receive product links as soon as they're available - plus we'll send you copies for your own content creation!

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