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Custom Embossers

A custom embosser allows you to add any text you’d like and is a great way to separate your letters from friends, family or other businesses. A custom embosser stamp can be customized with your company logo or other design, making it a unique and impressive way to seal envelopes, cards, and other documents.

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An embosser is a mechanical device for impressing an image, design or address on paper. Custom embossers are a step up allowing you to take pre designed templates and add any text you want. They are commonly used by businesses to add a professional touch to their stationery and other printed materials, but can be a fun way of impressing friends and family. Custom embossers can also be used for personalization, such as creating unique gifts or keepsakes.


Along with custom embosser stamps, offers custom embosser plates in case you already have an embosser and are just looking to get a new plate. This increases your ability to expand your embossing repertoire while being budget friendly.

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