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Logo Stamps

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Custom Wood Rubber Stamp

1597 reviews
2" by 2" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$6.30

139 reviews
ExcelMark A-4545 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$26.25

1-5/8" by 1-5/8"

179 reviews
4" by 4" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$8.40

124 reviews
Square Wood Logo Stamp
Regular price$16.80

85 reviews
2" by 4" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$8.40

50 reviews
Rectangle Self-Inking Logo Stamp
Regular price$21.00

21 reviews
XL Wood Logo Stamp
Regular price$23.10

10 reviews
4" by 2" Custom Clear Stamp
Regular price$8.40

11 reviews
Medium Wood Logo Stamp
Regular price$12.60

10 reviews
Custom Image Address Stamp
Regular price$29.99$24.99

1-5/8" by 1-5/8"


Logo stamps are rubber stamps designed to have a logo engraved on them for branded impressions. They are an easy way to add a professional touch to your documents, packaging and products. Select the best size for your needs, add a custom image, and watch your brand come to life.

BUSINESS LOGO STAMPS offers business logo stamps and branding logo stamps that work great on boxes, wood, paper, and paper bags. Logo stamps can help you make a lasting impression and expand your brands reach with cost effective marketing.


Each design is laser engraved and has the ability to be fully customized. Any questions or concerns regarding your customized stamp with logo can be answered by our experts or you may email your design to our inbox and we can assist in ensuring your stamp is exactly the way you want.

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