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Hand Stamps

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ExcelMark A-17 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$10.50

5/8" Diameter

156 reviews
ExcelMark A-12 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$10.99

3/8" Diameter

157 reviews
ExcelMark A1515 Self-Inking Stamp
Regular price$9.45

1/2" by 1/2"

22 reviews
Hand Washing Stamp
Regular price$10.00$8.40


Hand stamps are commonly used to mark the backs of hands with an identifying symbol or design. This is typically done at events where it is necessary to quickly and easily identify guests, such as parties or festivals. Hand stamps can also be used for promotional purposes, such as at bars or clubs. In this case, the hand stamp would generally include the establishment's name or logo.

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