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Snail Mail Address Stamp

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Effortlessly add a professional touch to your letters with our return address stamps designed for convenience and style. This essential tool ensures your return address is always clear and legible. 

Product Features:

  • Clean and Precise - Clear base allows for easy alignment and precise stamping. This self-inking stamp keeps fingers clean with quick-drying ink and easy storage with a smudge-proof design.
  • Big and Bold - The impression area is 1-5/8" by 1-5/8" impression area — showing off your return address as clearly as possible, fitting all envelope sizes.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Designed for thousands of impressions before needing a refill, it's a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to labels and pre-printed envelopes. 
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for business mail, personal letters, invitations, holiday cards, and more. 
  • Makes a Great Gift! Pretty and functional, an address stamps is a perfect realtor gift for clients, new homeowners or anyone who loves stationery.

Product Specifications:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I pluralize my last name?

  • If your last name ends in s, ch, sh, x, or z = add an "es" 
         Ex: Hendrix > Hendrixes
  • If your last name ends in any other letter = add an "s"
         Ex: Smith > Smiths

Remember that if your last name ends in "y", do not add "ies" and never add an apostrophe to pluralize your last name.

Q: Where do I place my address stamp?
A: USPS recommends placing the return address in the top front left corner of the envelope. While it is typically acceptable to place the return address on the back flap of the envelope, this is not the standard placement for letter mail processed by USPS. Although this non-standard placement may often be accepted without issue, there is an increased risk of compromised visibility and returned delivery success.

Q: Where can I get a refill bottle for my address stamp?
A: You can find ExcelMark refill ink here.




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