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Logo Stamps: The Ultimate Tool for Brand Recognition

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. Basically, branding is the identity of your business. It communicates who and what your business is and the way your business will be perceived by your customers. The thought of branding (or re-branding) your business may seem daunting. But if you want to stand apart from your competition, you’ll need to invest in your company’s identity. A company can go from being just another face in the crowd to being the recognized leader in its field by creating strong brand recognition. Branding is achieved by every means that is used to communicate.


Logo stamp with a self inking and traditional stamp to the left. Two imprints are made on both a letter and product tag.


A logo is a visual way of communicating your brand. So are the colors you select for your advertisements and other marketing materials. The copy in your advertisement is a means of branding. Any social media postings combine both visual and written communication. But it is the logo that creates brand recognition. The logo is the all-important mark of your brand because it creates an impression of your company in the mind of consumers. When a customer sees a recognizable company’s logo, they instantly recall their recent experiences with that brand, whether they were positive or negative. As a business owner, you want those emotions to be of a positive nature. This means having a logo that is clean, simple and promotes a positive image for your business while being easily recognizable. McDonald’s. Coca-cola. Apple. Target. What does your mind see when you read over these brands? Logo designs. The golden arches, the white cursive on red, the sleek and edible apple, the red bulls-eye.

A logo can reinforce the identity of your company and the personality that your business is trying to convey to consumers. Even more, when you see these brands’ logos you think affordable fast food, the world’s favorite cola drink, innovation in technology, and great value at a fair price; all the things that these companies want their customers to know. You know these brands and recognize these companies. Their unique logos are one key reason why. Instead of just being "Your Company," you can develop a personality and an immediately identifiable "look" with a great logo design. You can leverage a relatively small investment in an original and effective logo design into tremendous growth as you develop brand recognition.


A large logo stamp next to a small logo stamp to compare size difference. A close up of an impression on a letter is to the left and down below.


There are many questions to ask yourself when considering your brand’s logo: What will your logo look like in color? In black and white? On the outside of an envelope? Shrunk down on a business card? Enlarged on a billboard over the expressway? On the side of your building? On the homepage of your website? It is important to go with a logo that fits multiple platforms. While you could invest in multi color logo design, it can get costly. When you think of everywhere that logo needs to appear you can get into heavy printing costs. An inexpensive, long-lasting solution is the logo stamp. Purchasing a quality logo rubber stamp allows your company the flexibility of placing your easily recognizable brand on almost any surface at any time.



You can use one stamp to mark many different products – from labels, to tags, packaging and business cards. All companies use some type of form letter. Whether it be a welcome letter, a reminder letter, or even holiday greetings. Most likely your business has implemented a computer program that includes your logo on letterhead. Each of those letters is most likely placed into a plain white envelope. Using computer ink to print a return address, or having envelopes printed at a copy service, can be expensive, especially if you want printed inks that don’t smear and create an unprofessional appearance for your business mailing. That’s why a quick and convenient personalized logo rubber stamp is the answer to your mailing needs and is a unique way to enhance your brand recognition.

One simple press of your logo rubber stamp to paper and your customers will recognize your mailing as something important, rather than just another random piece of mail – which means a better likelihood that your mailing will be read, making your mailing promotional dollars well spent. Stamp that logo design on giveaway items. Put it on every piece of business correspondence. Feature it on business cards. Small businesses can benefit from the cost effectiveness of using logo rubber stamps to mark product labels and price tags. Make sure it appears in every advertisement.


An iPad, baggie, self inking stamp, glasses, and coffee are all displayed.


There are thousands of ways to use logos, and their power grows with repetition. Personalized logo rubber stamps can be useful at business conventions and seminars as well to build your brand identity. You can choose to take a logo rubber stamp along with business cards to your convention. At a business seminar you can network with hundreds of individuals all marketing the same thing. Which would you remember better? The person who handed you yet another business card, or the one who stamped their logo on relevant business materials that you will look at later? The person who took time to personally stamp their business information is much more likely to stand out in the crowd.

Purchasing a personalized logo rubber stamp for your business is money invested wisely. Whether utilizing your business logo on daily mailings, at business seminars or conferences, or having it handy for special events, your business logo rubber stamp will provide years of lasting brand recognition. Brand recognition creates return business, and a personalized logo rubber stamp is a simple, cost effective means of creating brand recognition for your business.


Thoughts about Logo Rubber Stamps:

  1. When creating your design, print it out to scale first before ordering
  2. When in doubt, keep it simple. The more clean lines and the simpler the text, the better the outcome.
  3. Beyond your logo, think of quotes, shapes, letters and numbers of significance, and your favorite patterns to draw inspiration from.
  4. Stamps are MUCH cheaper than other marketing materials.
  5. Besides stamping the expected (mailing envelopes and boxes), think of new uses. Maybe you could sign your letters and then stamp your name or logo underneath. How about stamping your logo in the corner of screen prints you make? Or, on the back of photo prints and artwork?



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