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Bonus Episode: Lunch Break

Paul and Kaitlyn aren't just crafters. They also happen to be discerning food critics. So what do they do when they've already got the convection oven out for Shrinky Dinks? Make (& review) lunch, obviously!




We are going to be making ♪ off-brand hot pockets ♪

It's the hot pocket jingle, but like off key.

♪ Hot pockets ♪

Steak and cheddar high protein.

That's how you know. They're good and good for ya.

Good. They're good. And they're good for ya.

That's what your grandparents use to eat.

We can't bring in a toaster oven for shrinky dinks and not cook anything.

Should we start our own cooking show?

Oh yeah.

Oh, look at that flip.

It's all about the flip. This is what I do at home. So I feel like a real chef.

Should we relax?

Have a little bubbly?

Some LaCroix [bad French accent]

Alright what are we going to go with? You said raspberry cran?

I would like some raaas craaanberry please.

Coming right up.

I thought you were going to shake it

Yeah I was about to.



Smells like cough syrup.

Thank you, sir.

Well, cheers. Cheers.

It's kind of hard to justify a hot pocket in a toaster oven that takes 22 minutes and you can one in a microwave for two minutes.

This one, it gets crispy though. It's the perfect consistency.

Zero calorie, zero sweetener, zero sodium equals innocent.

Sir, my client has zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium, which makes him innocent.

Another round?

Let's get crazy.

Oh, look at that. Wooooow.

Here's a hot pocket.

Do you want the more crispy one?

Just drop it.

Remember, don't bite into it right away. Yours is like.


I'll admit a microwave could never get these results. Be flopping all over.

You're going to bite into it already? You're going to scald your mouth.

Boiling hot lava inside.

Eat the edge. Then you can let it steam out.

Smells delightful.

Steak and cheddar, medium rare. Just how I like it.

I will say I've had this same one in the microwave numerous times and this just blows it out of the water.

The protein!


Little gamey.

Beautiful flaky buttery crust.

Oh my gosh. It's almost like if a biscuit and a croissant had a baby, this is the kind of crust you'd get.

The way it's wrapped around the filling. You know that it was made with love. Delicately placed.

You know, the machine that made it, even though it was a robot, it had a heart.

Is that multigrains I'm tasting in that crust too?

Mm. And this cheddar. It seems like it's about a eight year aged cheddar.

I was going to say 10, but another taste that's definitely an eight.


Something about fish.

So hot. It's very lean.

This has not cooled down at all.

We don't care we're so hungry.

How's Dublin's ear?

Uh, it's getting a lot better and he doesn't have diarrhea anymore.

Hope you got some good footage of that.

99% Garbage.

It's just us chewing.

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