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Stamping with Bleach | Fake It Till You Make It

Self-isolating in the house with nothing but cleaning products around you? Time to craft! In their first ever social distancing episode, Paul and Kaitlyn will show you how to add patterns to fabric by stamping with bleach.



- [Narrator] Well hey there Kaitlyn.

- Whoa, by golly, you almost gave me a heart attack.

- [Narrator] Why the long face?

- I'm just sad because I have this plain black t-shirt, I just want my clothes to be fun.

- [Narrator] Well, how would you like to learn how to customize that t-shirt with rubber stamps and good old fashioned American bleach?

- Wow mister, that sounds swell.

- [Narrator] All it takes is a few easy steps. First, throw that t-shirt into the washer, simply add your favorite rubber stamps and finish it off with a healthy glug of bleach. Now run the washer a cycle, and by the time you finish a game of lawn darts, your shirt will be done.

- Check, check, one, two, testing, check, check. Wind, wind, I hear wind.

- Oh hi.

- Welcome to a very unique episode of Fake It Till You Make It.

- Our first ever, social distancing, episode.

- Our first ever, social distancing, episode.

- Nature. We are one, with nature.

- I wanna make it clear too.

- Is this sanitized?

- Yes, we're exactly six feet apart, I measured,

- Yes, we're exactly six feet apart, I measured, so I don't wanna hear it in the comments.

- Today, we're going to use, some good old fashioned rubber stamps and bleach and a plain black t-shirt. You can use any fabric, try not to have it have some sort of like texture, you just want like plain cotton. And you can do scarfs, a purse, a little headband.

- Babushkas.

- You want it to be like a darker color because when you stamp it'll turn lighter so when you stamp on black, it kind of turns this orangey color.

- And we put our t-shirts over a slab of cardboard,

- And we put our t-shirts over a slab of cardboard, just so when we stamp the bleach on them, the impression doesn't go through the t-shirt to the other side out the back.

- We're very professional here.

- Yes, So you wanna do that. Now we're gonna do two different stamping methods.

- Yes, so I have right here, a dry ink pad you can get it on our website. And I'll just be pouring some bleach onto the felt pad inside. Or if you don't wanna get an ink pad, you can just put some bleach in a bowl and then kind of just brush it on to your stamp.

- That was a clean brush.

- You kind of wanna get the concentrated form. We tried some LA's Totally Awesome Bleach, We tried some LA's Totally Awesome Bleach, it kind of totally doesn't work, I don't know if it's old or.

- So don't get your bleach at the dollar store is what we're saying.

- The stronger the better is the moral of the story.

- Alright, so I'm just gonna pour some in a bowl here, being very careful.

- Excuse me sir, would you also pass that this way?

- You need some bleach?

- Oh you're gonna sanitize it first?

- We should both. Sanitize me, oh geez. Alright, I'm gonna put it on your table and then sit down so I'm away from you.

- Don't cough on me.

- Oh here's the cap.

- [Kaitlyn] I'm gonna pour this away.

- I'm just gonna dive right in, I'm not gonna really plan it.

- [Kaitlyn] Oh God.

- And within what, a minute, it kinda just transforms before your eyes.

- Alright, got my bleach poured in there. This cardbird has screwed up my stamp. You know what? I don't care if it goes through.

- The thing that's kind of bugged me the most about like trends right now, with social distancing is, like everyone is a baker now, making bread. And like you remember, I was baking bread last year like sourdough.

- [Kaitlyn] You were baking bread before it was cool.

- [Paul] I was. I'm dripping all over this shirt.

- [Kaitlyn] Big mistake.

- Okay the ice cream cone is a little rough.

- You can't juice it up too much.

- No I think that's the problem. There are so many birds, like behind my apartment. I gotta be careful I don't say this too loud, this crazy bird guy, he put up like 50 feeders all on the perimeter of the property.

- Well you know what? The birds helped us hang up that sign 'cause a woodpecker made a hole.

- Yeah. So when you're stamping here, you definitely wanna make sure that it's as flat as possible, if you have any like wrinkles, try to smooth it out.

- You know what, this is kinda neat where I just spilled, it kinda made like a .

- It's like pizza sauce.

- Yeah, or like melted ice cream, dripped on there.

- Ohhh yeah. ♪ Ohhhhh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪

- It's so hot, I'm gonna pass out from the smell of bleach.

- How were you a lifeguard when you can't handle 50 degrees?

- It was an indoor pool!

- Oh I think I'm gonna call it a day on this.

- Yeah? You're gonna wanna wash this. Let it dry completely, maybe like a couple of hours or so and then wash it separately just in case. Alright let's see what you got here Paulie.

- Alright, I've got, oh gosh that is still really wet.

- Alright, I've got, oh gosh that is still really wet. Oh I shouldn't have, oh forget it. I'm never gonna wear this. Pizza and ice cream.

- Pizza.

- Pizza and ice cream. Most of the ice cream cones either came out way too light or way too dark but I got probably one or two, like this one was really good.

- Well, I have a cute little pattern. I like it, honestly I'd probably wear it. I think I'm gonna do a little side cinch. ♪ Alright Alright Alright ♪ ♪ Hey come on come on ♪ ♪ Come on come on ♪ ♪ Alright Alright Alright ♪

- Well that concludes this outdoor social distancing episode of, [Both] Fake It Till You Make It.

- We'll see you next time. Thanks for watching Mum! Love you

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