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Acrylic Stamp Block

Clear acrylic stamp blocks allow you to mount your clear cling stamps. Typically featuring an alignment grid, this transparent block helps you place your stamp evenly on both the mount and your stamping destination. Stick on and peel off different reusable cling stamps without having to switch mounts.

Clear Stamp / Cling Stamp

A clear stamp, also known as a cling stamp, is typically made from transparent photopolymer. These stamps stick to clear acrylic blocks and allow you to see through for exact placement. A slightly tacky texture helps ink stick to even the most detailed designs.

Custom Wood Stamp / Art mounted stamp

A custom wood stamp, also known as an art-mounted stamp, is a type of rubber stamp mount featuring a laser-engraved index on an hourglass wood mount. These stamps offer a natural and crafty feel and require the use of a separate ink pad.

Date Stamp

A date stamp features rotating bands that allow you to adjust and stamp the date. These stamps efficiently document the date transactions occur and help you stay organized at work or around the house.

Die Plate

A die plate refers to the interchangeable piece on a stamp mount. Each die plate features a different stamp design for a different impression. To switch out the die plate from your mount, simply squeeze the buttons on the side and pull off. Then snap your new die plate into place.

Dye Ink

Dye ink is a permanent, fast-drying ink with a water-like consistency. This ink is ideal for stamping on regular paper surfaces. It's also the ink used in self-inking stamp pads.


An embosser is a mechanism used to raise or indent a material – such as paper – in a three-dimensional form. Embossers are ideal for notaries or for personal use to emboss book pages, envelopes, stationery, foil labels and more.

Embosser Clip / Embosser Die Plate

An embosser clip, also known as an embosser die plate, is an insert that fits into an embosser. The clip features the design you wish to emboss. It is removable and interchangeable, so you only need one embosser mount for all your embosser clips. To insert a new plate, simply line up the grooves on the clip with the embosser and snap into place.


ExcelMark is a stamp, ink & custom product brand.

ExcelMark Flash Stamp

An ExcelMark Self-Inking Flash Stamp is a type of pre-inked stamp offered by the ExcelMark brand that offers sharp, high-quality impressions with an oil-based ink. These stamps are pre-inked for up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary.

ExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp

An ExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp is a type of self-inking stamp offered by the ExcelMark brand that is best for quick, repetitive stamping. These stamps include a patented two-sided (reversible) ink pad that doubles the number of impressions you get from one stamp pad. A clear mount bottom allows you to see where you are placing your impression.

Ex Libris

Ex libris is an inscription on a book to show ownership. Translated from Latin, it roughly means “from the library of.” offers a wide variety of ex libris stamps and embossers.

Heat Embossing

Embossing is the process of leaving a raised impression on a surface. Heat embossing, also known as wet embossing, includes the use of embossing ink, embossing powder and a heat source. Learn more about how to heat emboss here.

Identity Theft Guard Stamp

An identity theft guard stamp is a type of stamp designed with a special pattern to make confidential information more difficult to read. Stamp the pattern on junk mail, magazines, catalogs, credit card offers, bills or anything containing personal information. For highly sensitive documents, use both stamping and shredding.

Inkless Thumbprint Pad

An inkless thumbprint pad is a type of ink pad that contains a special inking solution that wipes away clean. Thumbprint pads are an easy and inexpensive way to provide extra security and prevent check and identity fraud.

Inspection Stamp

An inspection stamp is perfect for any small message such as quality control, initialing and other codes. Inspection stamps are specifically designed for portability and easy storage in small areas.


MasterMark is a type of stamp brand.

Number Stamp

A number stamp is a type of stamp featuring rotating bands used to sequentially number documents, records, invoices, images and more.

Pigment Ink

Pigment ink is a viscous ink that typically comes on a spongy pad, creates vibrant colors and is fade-resistant. Its slow-drying nature makes it ideal for embossing, and it may be heat set for fabrics, wood, clay and more.

Pre-Inked Stamp

A pre-inked stamp is a type of stamp that comes with a pre-inked cartridge, so that the stamp pad essentially becomes part of the stamp. Pre-inked stamps create crisp, high-quality impressions – great for signatures. This type of mount also offers silent stamping, making it perfect for a quiet office.

Self-Inking Stamp

A self-inking stamp is a type of stamp mount that automatically re-inks itself into a rotating, self-contained ink pad before each impression. The stamp pad is re-inkable and replaceable. This type of mount is ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping.


Shiny is a type of stamp brand.

Signature Stamp

A signature stamp is a type of custom stamp made from a scan or photo of a signature. Learn how to make a signature stamp here.

Stamp Refill Ink

Stamp refill ink is a tube or bottle of ink used to refill ink on stamp pads or self-inking and pre-inked stamps. Refill ink prevents the need to immediately buy a new stamp pad or stamp as soon as the pad goes dry.

Traditional Rubber Stamp

A traditional rubber stamp is a type of stamp featuring a wood mount with a handle. Traditional rubber stamps are perfect for crafts and special ink needs. They require the use of a separate ink pad.


Trodat is a type of stamp brand.


Xstamper is a type of stamp brand.

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