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Dog Birthday Party Card Making Tutorial

Woof woof! It's time to paw-ty like it's your birthday! This clear stamp set is the perfect way to gather all your best human and furry friends together. Learn how to make a tail-waggingly perfect birthday card to wish any fellow dog-lover the happiest of birthdays. Or, celebrate your own furry friend's special day with a card that's sure to have them howling with joy! Woof-woof-hooray!

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Required Materials

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Dog Pawty Birthday Card Instructions

1. Prepare your card layers

Before you can start designing your card, you need to prepare the card's base and paper layers. First, select which paper you want to use as the base and fold it in half (if not pre-folded). We decided to go with a fun pink sprinkle, and confetti paper to celebrate our pup's birthday party! Next, choose a paper that will be an additional layer. This layer should be cut slightly smaller than the folded size of your base layer.

Tip: We layer paper in card-making to give depth, add texture or, create "windows" that our designs can be displayed in. Try overlapping your stamped designs in various ways to provide even more depth and visual interest.

1. Stamp your images

Before you start stamping, place your white card stock onto a craft mat to protect your surface. Now, ink your stamp, in this project, we are using pigment ink pads. You can use either Pigment or Dye ink for this project.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can use the Pawty Like It's Your Birthday Free Cricut SVG file for this stamp set to cut out your stamp dies. Then, stamp all the designs you want to use onto your sheet of white card stock or stamp die cuts from the Cricut machine.

Tip: If you are not using a Cricut, be sure to space out the stamped impressions on your paper, so that you can cut around them.

Using clear stamps is easy, simply peel your stamp from it backing sheet and place it onto an acrylic stamp block. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick and be removed from your stamp block.

2. Color the birthday pups

Get ready to add some color to those cute stamped pups of yours! Here's a tip: take inspiration from photos to get the perfect hues and shading. We used alcohol-based markers, but feel free to use your favorite coloring medium of choice. Don't forget to test your colors on scrap paper beforehand!

To make these pups pop, we suggest starting with the face, markings, and fur. Then we blended in with the lighter colors to fill the rest of the dogs in. You can always add more detail at the end with your trusty white gel pen!

"With alcohol brush markers, the best technique is to lightly blot, daub, or use very short strokes for best blending results."

5. Assemble the card

Cut out those colorful stamps with your trusty scissors, if you haven't done so yet. Remember to have all your elements in place on your card before glueing them down

Don't forget to add a fun greeting like "We're gonna pawty like it's your birthday" (included in the stamp set!). Once you're happy with the placement, use a glue runner for a quick and mess-free finish.

Tip: For a professional look, try using 3D dots to create a raised effect on certain stamped images.

4. Optional: Add embellishments

If you like to add extra pizzazz to your card designs, try adding adhesive embellishments like gems or pearls.

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Now you're ready to celebrate your pup's birthday party, or give a paw-soanilized card to another dog lover! Show us your cards with #stampwithus.

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