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Unleash Your Creativity: DIY Horoscope Cards for Every Sign

Are you ready to blend the magic of astrology with your artistic flair? Follow along or get inspired to make beautiful Zodiac Cards for every sign. This DIY project allows you to create unique, handmade cards that reflect the personality and traits of each zodicac sign. Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or just as a thoughtful gesture, these DIY astrology cards are a creative way to celebrate the stars and the special people in your life. So gather your supplies, let your imagination run wild, and start crafting cosmic masterpieces that will delight and inspire.

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Gold Embossed Horoscope Card

1. Stamp designs onto pre-folded card

To get started, gather all of your materials so you have them accessible.

Cut and fold your cardstock into two sizes: a larger size like 5x7 inches and a smaller size like 3x4 inches. Choose the stamps you want to use on the 5x7 card and place them on a clear stamp block. Apply clear embossing ink to the stamps. To achieve a sharp impression, press the stamps evenly and firmly onto the front of your card, taking care not to rock them.

2. Add the embossing powder

Now it's time to add the embossing powder. While gold is a classic choice, feel free to use any color you prefer, such as silver, pearl, or rose gold. Generously sprinkle the powder over your stamped impression, then shake or tap off the excess powder back into its container for future use.

Pro tip: Use a small paint brush to wipe away any stubborn embossing crystals.

Next, melt the embossing powder using a heat tool. Hold the tool 6-8 inches away from the paper, rotating it in a circular motion to evenly distribute the heat. The embossing powder should melt within 15 seconds.

3. Draw gold border

Next, take your smaller card and use a gold pen or marker along with a straight edge to draw a gold border, adding an elegant touch.


4. Optional: Spray gold memories mist

When using spray ink or mist, it's crucial to cover any areas you don't want to be affected. We used extra sheets of paper to block off sections where we didn't want the spray ink, creating a window for the desired area. This technique results in a mystical, star-like texture and pattern, perfectly complementing our astrological theme.


5. Stamp and emboss the astrology stars

Using the same process as on the large card, heat emboss the astroligical star stamp on the smaller card.

Next, add a pocket for the smaller card on the back or inside of the larger card. To create a pocket, cut a piece of paper 1/2 to 1 inch wider and a few inches shorter than the small card. For example, if your small card is 3x4 inches, the pocket should be 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall. Glue three edges of the pocket onto the larger card, leaving the top edge open.

Tip: The extra half-inch is for creating a folded flap at the bottom of the pocket.

6. Write your horoscope

Finally, add a personalized touch by writing a horoscope or well wishes on the back of the small card that relates to the recipients zodic sign.

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Now you're ready to create your own zodiac greeting card for all your celestial friends! Don't forget to follow our blog and socials. Show us your version of this card, or share a new creation with us! Tag us @RubberStamps_com and use #StampWithUS to enter our monthly giveaway! Winners receive a $25 credit to use at our shop!

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