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Heat Embossed Cards

The first ever episode of's crafting video series, Fake It Till You Make It, is here! In this pilot, Paul and Kaitlyn take on heat embossed cards for any occasion.

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- I don't know if I was...

[thud & splash]
- Aww, sh**t!

- The paper!

Why was your water open?!

Your mouth isn't going to get that dry!

- Today we are making

Don't Laugh!

Today we are making embossed greeting cards.

Because snail mail is cool again you guys and when you make your own cards the options are really endless.

- I have no idea what embossing is.

- Alright, well...Basically, say you stamp something and...
- Okay.

- It maybe looks like a third grader made it.

You know, it's not the greatest.

- Uhh this was third grade. As you can see, got little smiley stamps all over. Just... Really evokes happiness in the picture.

- But when you emboss it raises it. Makes it shiny, professional looking. Looks pretty shnazzy.

- Hmm.

[Clears Throat]

Here's what you need.

And a can-do attitude!

- Shut up!

- Before we start stamping
- Mhmm.

- we have to anti-static.

- Yes, it's this little plush bag.

Okay so then you're just going to go like this where you're going to stamp.
- Okay.

May I?

- Do your thing.
- ... Stamp. Okay.

- So just cover it all over.

- So how do I know when there's enough, on here?

- Umm. You can sort of see.

You can hear...Hear the wetness.

- [Squishy sounds]

- So try not to like rock it.

Just stamp it down.

- K.

And we are planted.

- Ooo. Ugh. God.

K, alright.

So then...

- Ooo that is a nice cupcake.

- We're going to put it aside.
- Look at that.

- Hurry we don't have time!
- Oh, K.

- K.
- So while the ink is wet, you gotta get that powder on.
- Need to get the powder on.

- And it's okay if you do more than not enough, correct?

- Yeah 'cause then you're just gonna.

- Look at that!
- Oh my gosh!

- Give it a little boop...Boop... Boop.

Little mistake, but...

- You know what, that's the homemade touch.

- I'm just going to pour this stuff in here again.

You know, why waste?

- Alright

Here comes the heat!

- This is probably more so for like if you're embossing small things and you need to like hold a little piece of paper.

But we're still gonna do it. Just for, beginner's sake.

- And normally we would be wearing helmets too, but

- Yeah, no.

It's a little stronger than a hair dryer. Hair dryer's not really going to work. It's not hot enough.

- So you need the big guns for this.

- You're gonna turn it on and then you're gonna aim it at your impression and kind of like move it around in small circles.

- Okay.

- And then you'll see it transform before your eyes.

- [Gasp]

[Blow torch fires up]

[Evil laugh]

- Yeah doesn't it?
[Harp and heavenly choir]

- Tweezers are removed.

Would you look at that?

- Nice and shiny. Huh?

- Don't forget the jimmies that have fallen off the cupcake.

- Jimmies?

- Sprinkles.

- They're called jimmies? My uncle's name is Jimmy.

- It's nothing to do with your uncle.

- So let's start layering this bad boy.

- Alright.

We've got-
- Very colorful!

- I know I picked it out myself.
- Proud of you.

Let's do this!

- That one? okay.
- Yes.

Wow, look at that pop.
- Mmm.

- Wow!


Alright so, let's get our adhesives up in this joint.

- That's a white out thing, isn't it?

- No.

It has this like sticky, double-sided tape on it.

It's magical.

- That's pretty cool. I've actually never seen something like that.

- Go like, go like this.

- Ohhh

Oh my gosh.
- Oh dear, what happened here?

- Do you have another one? Do we have a backup?

Steve, Steve, can we get a backup? Adhesive?

That intern. What does he do around here?

- We've got some Glue Dots.
- Okay.

- And it's basically the same. You're just gonna.

- Except these are dots, not strips.
- Roll it.

- Works way better.

Ope. Got a Glue Dot on my hand.
- Can I get a little dot on the corner?

- I got a Glue Dot.

Honestly, it is the-
- Ah shoot.

- texture of a booger.
- [Laughs]

Let's just slap this right on there.

- Just give it a good.

[cartoon hits]

Oh, Glue Dot. We've got a glue dot.

- Oh no we've got a Glue Dot on the loose.

- We want a nice like little border around the cupcake? K.
- It's just some color.

Ohh. Okay... Alright.

- What did you say about homemade cards?

Let's really address that while I cut this.

- It's the thought that counts.

- It's the thought and not a thing.

- Let's just throw that over there.

Okay, how about we get your card?

Let's do some more dots.
Dot it up!

- Some more jimmies!
- Yeah sure...

Why'd you look at me when you did the last cut?


I think Kaitlyn's got some built-up aggression towards me.

- I guess I didn't

Cut that straight.

- Yeah that's from going like this at the end.

Alright, now we are gonna use the big, bad cutter.

- Just listen to this.

[Sexy R&B]
- Ahhh. -Oooo.

And we're done!
Perfect straight line.

I don't really know what those are called.

Umm a snipper, a cutter
- Straight cutter.

Let's make this cupcake pop a little bit.

Got these little dots.

That are made out of foam, that have stickiness on both sides.

- Are these actually meant for crafting?

- Yeah, what else would they be for?
- Okay.

Does this look like a middle finger to you?

- It kind of does!

Just gonna place that there.

- See I remember doing raised artwork in school.

And what we do is. You cut like a strip of paper.

And you like accordion fold it.

And then glue that to the back.

You know what I'm talking about?
- Oh Paul, that's the poor man's way.

[Weird laugh]

Slap that on.


- You said slap it on, I'm gonna slap.

- So let's finish this off with a little happy birthday.

- ♪ Happy birthday ♪
- Please don't.

Let us, do pigment ink.

- Oooooo.

- With, clear powder.

- Nice and blue.

Oh getting some on my hands here.
- Oh.. Okay.. Well alright.

Don't sniff.
- Okay.

Nice and covered. Woah.
- [Weird clown noise]

Oh yeah, anti-static.

- De-static.
[Electrical surge noise]

[Squishy mouth sound]

The perfect impression right before your eyes. [Drum roll]


Let's go right over here.
- K.


That's better.

That's a winner.

- Let's cover this up with powder.

- The powder should go blue.
- Mhmm.

- Let's see that.
Oh yeah.

Alright, and I'm gonna get our heat gun.
[gun cocks]

- Smells a little.
- Smells like, burnt hair.

Let's cut around this.

- Now this one do we want a little more uniform cut.

Steve can we get those coffees? What are you doing?

Now we are gonna just slap it on.
- No.

Well, first we gotta back it.

These things are fun!

How many different adhesives do you have over there?

-It's a very complicated box, but there's a arrow and then you pull and it goes
[fart noise]


- If it doesn't make that sound take it back.

I'm not gonna lie if I would of bought this I would of just torn the top off and been like what's wrong with it.

- You know I actually did that once.

So I'm just going to put that here.

You only really need two.


Ooo. Mhmmm.
- What?

Do you want it a little- a little crooked or straight?

- I kind of like it a little crooked.

- Yeah.

- Shows you know what, we're just having fun.

- We're just getting crazy!
[goofy laugh]

- Okay I think,
- Look at that!

- I think we're done.

And that's how you make.

And that's how you make, an embossed card.

And if you have any suggestions for a project you'd like to learn how to do, definitely hit us up.

Give us a good ol' DM, a comment.
- Slide up in the DM's!

- Whatever you'd like.

We'll see you next time on...


Fake It till You Make It!...

Let's, next time go a little quicker.

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