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Re:Marks Stamp Holiday Giveaway!

The season of giving is officially here! And Paul and Kaitlyn are giving away TWO Re:Marks Stamp Premium Gift Boxes to get in the spirit. Just watch this video to see how to enter, and you'll have a beautiful custom stamp just in time to use on your holiday cards!


- ♪ Re:Marks box, Re:Marks box. ♪ ♪ We're giving two away. ♪ ♪ Watch this video to learn how to win. ♪ ♪ To have a great day. ♪ ♪ Christmas. ♪

- Oh, didn't see ya there.

- We're going to be giving away not one, but two Re:Marks Premium Gift Boxes. but two Re:Marks Premium Gift Boxes.

- We have a self-inking mount with a double-sided ink pad. So if one side dries up, just flip that bad boy over. And then every box comes with a complimentary "Thank You!" die plate.

- And since it is the holiday season, you will also get a "Happy Holidays" die plate included.

- Then we have stamp cleaner!

- And last, but not least.

- Definitely not least. Redemption code, so you can get your own custom die plate. It could be address stamps, monograms, whatever you want. And another ink pad in the color of your choice. Let's stamp it, shall we?

- Kaboom.

- Should we try it with the "Happy Holidays" one?

- Yeah.

- So, I'm going to flip her out.

- Boom.

- You're like, "I don't want this one anymore."

- Boom.

- Just gonna pop that in.

- Boop, "Happy Holidays".

- Can I do this one?

- Oh, go for it. How freaking festive? All you have to do is comment on this video with your favorite holiday tradition, and we will pick two winners randomly.

- We'll see you next time on-- it's mine.

- It's the season of giving!

- We'll see you next time on Fake It Till You Make It.

- That could have gotten on the table.

- Oh, if we made like, no words, but like the melody to Jingle Bells, but it's like different stamp sounds.

- Jingle-- all the way.

- There you go.

- It's not bad.


  • Me and my family get new pjs and a cute little picture book on Christmas Eve! We all read the books together before bed! Loved this video 😂 It made me smile❤️😊🎄

    - Riley Moore
  • Christmas light contest vs My parents!

    - Vicky

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