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11 90s Rubber Stamps You Need In Your Life Right Now

The 90s nostalgia is real, ya'll. But the era of Clueless, grunge, boy bands, scrunchies and Fresh Prince doesn't have to die! These 90s rubber stamps can help keep the magic alive.

1. Take A Chill Pill

Tell your friends to relax and take a load off in the coolest way possible with this “Take A Chill Pill” rubber stamp.

2. Dude

Dude, do you know what's totally 90s? The word dude. And now you can use this “Dude” rubber stamp on all kinds of stationery, planners and paper goodies for a little dramatic emphasis.

3. Duh!

Speaking of dramatic emphasis, this “Duh!” rubber stamp is such a versatile use of attitude. Think of all the ways you could add sass!

4. Peace Out

Why just sign off a letter with a boring "goodbye," "sincerely" or "love" when you can use this “Peace Out” rubber stamp instead?!

5. All That & A Bag Of Chips

Slap one of these “All That & a Bag of Chips” rubber stamps on all your bestie correspondence and she'll always feel loved.

6. You're So Fly

Same goes for this complimentary “You’re So Fly” rubber stamp!

7. Talk To The Hand

Who remembers this cheeky phrase? We're thinking it's high time we bring it back with this “Talk To The Hand” rubber stamp.

8. As If!

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz by using this “As If!” rubber stamp on anything that you're just not into. Just try to refrain using it on work documents.

9. Slammin'

Keep it funky fresh with this “Slammin'” rubber stamp. Is it weird that boomboxes are basically a thing of the past now?

10. Totally Buggin'

Freaking out about an upcoming presentation or interview? Want to describe to a friend how your crush has you feeling? Portray your feelings with this “Totally Buggin'” rubber stamp.

11. Whatever!

Just over it? This “Whatever!” rubber stamp is here to come to your rescue.

Have all of these bad boys in your stamp collection with this totally 90s engraved wood stamp set!

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