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13 successful Small Business Branding Examples

When you are running a small business, marketing and branding are so important to building success but for many, traditional forms are too expensive. With a tight budget, many small businesses are forced to think a bit outside the box with their marketing and branding and many have found success with Rubber Stamps. A custom rubber stamp can go a long way in helping a small business build its brand identity and bring some personality to its products and packaging in a cost-effective way. Below are some examples of small businesses that have found success in using rubber stamps in their branding.

1. Ivy Mane Shop

The first business we're going to take a look at is the handmade plant pot maker Ivy Mane Shop. This business has mastered their branding and marketing, going for a natural, minimalist style using a lot of earth tones that reflects the handmade quality and natural look of the products themselves. Rachel, the founder of the company, has found success with using our custom rubber stamps to improve her branding on the packaging. The handprinted look of the impression left on the white cardboard packaging works very well with the company's branding and reflects the product quality. Ivy Mane has developed a strong brand identity and these stamps have just elevated their marketing even more!

2. BDT Hand Made

BDT Hand Made is an interesting company that has also found success with using rubber stamps to heighten its branding. BDT is a company founded by artist husband and wife Josh & Hilary Dildine that sells custom illustrations and watercolors. The branding of the company has been built on the identity of being an artist, there is a good use of color on their marketing materials and their logo even looks like it was written with a paintbrush. BDT uses rubber stamps to add a little branding message on the back of their works. This not only helps build their branding by labeling each work as their own, but it also acts as a piece of marketing by reminding the customer and anyone who looks at the back of the art where they can go to order more works!

3. Salt and Pine Co.

The next company we are featuring is the custom apparel company, Salt & Pine Co. Like Ivy Mane, Salt & Pine Co. sells handmade products and uses a similar aesthetic with lots of natural and earth tones. This company has developed a very defined brand identity revolving a lot around nature, depicting scenes like waves and pine trees to give the brand a natural, "outdoor chic" look. Salt & Pine Co. has been using our rubber stamps to mark their packaging with their logo to improve their branding and hit home with that handmade look.

4. Stony Point Pottery

One company that has found a creative use for our rubber stamps is the handcrafted pottery company Stony Point Pottery. Stony Point uses our stamps not to create marketing materials but in the actual design of some of her products. Jenny Dawn, the founder of Stony Point, really got creative with these stamps and while making her pottery she will take the stamps and press them into the pot before the clay dries and leave a custom design pressed directly into the pot. This creates a textured look and feel for the product that makes her pottery unique and sets her brand further apart from most other handmade pottery companies.

5. Red Cottage Cookie Co.

Another company that is thinking a little out of the box with stamps is the one and only Red Cottage Cookie Co. Brenda Hoye, the founder of Red Cottage, has gotten creative with her rubber stamps and has taken her branding directly to her cookies by stamping her logo and other designs straight into the cookies before baking them. This is one of our favorite branding strategies we've seen, it's so unique and catches the eye of the customer. When a customer buys a box of these cookies and hands them out to their friends no one will need to ask where they got the cookies as the logo will be staring them in the face as soon as they go in for a bite!

6. Hand Lettered Old Sh*t

Custom stamps can go a long way in bringing some personality to a business's packaging and one company that has mastered this is the Cleveland-based company Hand Lettered Old Sh*T. This company takes old clothing and items and then repurposes them with bold painted lettering, check out the picture above of Kate's (founder of HLOS) packaging design and see how the large logo stamp fit so perfectly with the brand's personality as the hand stamped lettering gives the packaging a bold look while maintaining the thrifty, handmade look and feel of the old products turned new. The stamp brings a sense of fun and style that really reflects HLOS's brand identity and brings that personality to her packaging.

7. Mountain Fable Handmade

Another company that has found success using custom rubber stamps is the handmade jewelry company Mountain Fable Handmade. Take a look above at this company's simple but stylish packaging, the hand-stamped impressions give it that handmade look and help establish the business's brand as natural, artistic, and crafted with care. The beautiful logo stamp and rustic packaging really catch the eye of the customer but is simple enough to allow the jewelry to be the real star!

8. Mitchell Timber Works

One company has used rubber stamps to elevate its marketing and branding, and that is Mitchell Timber Works. Clayton Mitchell, the founder of MTW, creates beautiful handmade wooden products and has found a very simple way to put a little touch of branding on his products. If you take a look at the picture above you can see some wooden bowls Clayton has made and stamped on the bottom of each one, using our StazOn Ink, is the logo of his company. This kind of branding is an easy addition that is also highly effective. When someone buys one of his bowls they will likely throw the packaging out right away but with the logo stamped neatly on the bottom of each bowl the customer, and (perhaps more importantly) their friends, will be sure to remember where that beautiful bowl came from as they just need to take a look at the bottom. Every time they wash their bowls it acts as a bit of marketing for MTW as it sits and dries, logo facing up.

9. Savage Goods

Any small business can benefit from using rubber stamps like this adorable neighborhood Cafe, Savage Goods! Instead of purchasing custom-made cups with their logo printed on them, Savage Goods saw a great way to save money while still promoting their brand by using our custom stamps to imprint their logo on each one of their cups. Using a custom stamp to brand your products is perfect for a business like this local cafe as they give a rustic, handmade look that matches the brand identity perfectly!

10. Allen Banks Leatherwork

Another business that has found success using rubber stamps is the handcrafted leather goods company Allen Banks Leather Works. Allen Banks uses rubber stamps to add branding as well as style and personality to their otherwise simple packaging. For a company like Allen Banks that makes handmade leather products with a vintage but stylish look, rubber stamps are the perfect branding tool. The slightly faded look of the custom stamp reflects the handmade, durable quality of the product and the simplicity of a single stamp on a plain box fits very well with the aesthetic of strong leather goods.

11. The Bohemian Shepherdess

The next business we're going to feature is the cute, Texas-based apothecary The Bohemian Shepherdess! Like most of the companies on this list, this herb and goat dairy farm apothecary has found success in using rubber stamps to brand its packaging. They have found a way to make the personality of their brand front and center on their packaging using these stamps. In the above photo you can see how they don't just slap their logo on their packaging, they stamp little sayings like this one that is sure to crack a little smile on their customer's faces. A rubber stamp as a marketing tool for a company like this is so perfect because it leaves that natural, simple, rustic look that matches so perfectly with their brand.

12. Mel Makes Treats

Another company that has used rubber stamps to find success in branding their company is the dog bakery, Mel Makes Treats. That's right, I said dog bakery! I am just obsessed with the idea of bringing home a bag of beautiful high-quality dog treats for my puppy! Mel Makes Treats has kept its packaging simple but has been using a custom rubber stamp to brand its bags with its adorable logo. This strategy is great because it allows for the company to have well-branded packaging without breaking the bank on custom-designed bags and boxes. The large logo front and center on the brown bag is sure to be a memorable sight for your pups!

13. Confident Canvas by LaQuisha

The last business we want to showcase that has found success using rubber stamps to brand their company is Confident Canvas by LaQuisha. This amazing and talented artist has found a creative way to use her stamps, instead of just using them to throw her logo on the packaging or back of her works, she has some of her drawings directly uploaded to the custom stamps so she can stamp some of her designs wherever! LaQuisha has found a way to incorporate rubber stamps into her art and then use those rubber stamps to brand her company with her works front and center!



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