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7 Custom Logo Stamp Design Trends

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess your small business branding and marketing plans moving forward. Whether you are looking to create a new logo, or just looking for ways to refresh the one you already have, here are seven design trends to consider for your custom logo stamp in 2021.

1. Use Custom Illustration

Using custom illustration in your logo stamp or other branding efforts has been one design trend that's become popular with many brands, and for good reason. Custom illustrations provide the opportunity to tell your story by reflecting your brand's unique personality. Hand-drawn illustrations are especially important for brands who target younger audiences. Using one-of-a-kind imagery makes you stand out in a world where competition for your audience's attention is becoming increasingly challenging. Try using custom illustrations for your logo stamps or on other branding & marketing materials.

2. Add a Pop of Color

Even when stamping your logo, you can still add color! Colors express what your brand stands for and communicates a style that matches up with your target audience. This year, many brands are experimenting with both conventional and unconventional color schemes. Look for both bold and contrasting shades, as well as muted color pallets that complement. Decide what colors speak to your brand, and then reflect that personality onto your logo rubber stamp. With bold and muted ink choices, you can pick a color to stand out from the crowd!

3. Be Authentic

As a small business, authenticity is so important. In a world where we are constantly connected to technology and devices, keeping your brand as human as possible allows you to make real, genuine connections between your business and your customers. Expand your brand's authenticity by using a custom logo stamp. There is something about that handcrafted, imperfect, a-little-rough-around-the-edges design that resonates with many consumers. If your brand focuses on communicating authenticity through handmade products or other socially and environmentally responsible efforts, custom stamped branding will go along way in making a meaningful impact on your customers.

4. Get Inspiration From Geometry

If you are like us, you may not have taken away much from geometry class. But if you still have your textbook, take a look inside: geometric shapes and patterns make for amazing logo designs! This year we will see more brands embracing geometry as an easy way to create design consistency and uniqueness across marketing & branding efforts. Follow this design trend by using patterns in your logo, or create a custom rubber stamp pattern on your product packaging, product tags, or even on the product itself! Take your brand experience to the next level with simple, beautiful shapes.

"I’ve been looking for ways to add more personality to my craft. Super affordable and customizable wood stamp from @rubberstamps_com make a great addition to our brand! I am totally obsessed with how it turned out and how it looks!" - @Atadura.s

"I’m a bit obsessed with my new custom stamps, every time I stamp something I squeal with delight because they just look so cool!" - @mountainfable_handmade

5. Communicate Your Brand's Responsibility Efforts

If your brand has decided to side with any number of social, environmental or economical stances, you'll want to connect people to this part of your brand's story. The narrative you share must not only demonstrate why the mission is important to you, but also how it also aligns with your audience's values. Consumers will continue to place a lot of value on responsible businesses in the years to come. For example, many of our customers use custom rubber stamps as a sustainable way to package their goods.

"As a small business I care about what I put into the world. I think a lot about waste and our environment. I have made sure that all of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, and compostable. I hand stamp everything and even the business cards are a recycled post consumer paper." - @bestfriendsupplies

6. Minimal Design (Say a Lot With a Little)

If snazzy colors, fun illustrations and geometric patterns don't align with your brand style, consider a minimalist design. More brands are starting to make a shift towards minimalistic branding, and we will continue to see more of this design trend in the upcoming year. You can still say a lot with a little, especially if your brand personality is more quiet and simple. Minimalism is great for showcasing the simplicity of your product or brand. Minimalism also keeps your audience less distracted with colors, patterns or shapes, and more focused on your message or product.

@ZackgreywritesΒ  "I created this symbol as a way to always remind myself of the things that bring balance to my life, so I never lose sight of them. Passion, to always keep going and love what I do. Creativity to release the endless thoughts speeding through my mind in satisfying ways. Love, to soothe the soul and everything else."

7. Designs Inspired by Nature

Natural-inspired design with simple, earthy tones have become all the rage in recent years. Nature has been, and will continue to be, a popular design trend that influences branding and logos. If your brand has environmentally sustainable values, or your products take on a green approach, try incorporating natural and organic designs and shapes into your logo stamps and other branding efforts. This will reflect your company's values and communicate the importance of sustainability to your audience, making your product more appealing.



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