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A Closer Look at Madam Mosaic

Have a party or big event coming up? Why not go big and bold with the decorations and get yourself a balloon mosaic! That's right! Balloons can be much more than a splash of color at a birthday party or a way to make your house fly.

We were thrilled to get the chance to speak with Yvonne Ogle, the founder and creative force behind Madam Mosaic, about her business and how she has found success using our stamps in her marketing.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Madam Mosaic?

Madam Mosaic is a woman-owned small business known for crafting life-size party decorations. Specializing in balloon-filled structures (or commonly known as mosaics) that are made into numbers, letters, and speciality shapes. Such as animals, a Christmas tree, misc cartoon characters, a teddy bear, and more! Since shipping can get costly, Madam Mosaic also offers digital templates of the structures so that others can DIY their own party decorations if they’re not local. Making mosaics can be a very tedious project, with a lot of hidden tricks to make the “perfect" one. That is why Madam Mosaic’s social media accounts are more focused on helping others build mosaics than it is for marketing products.

How did you get started making mosaics? What drew you to working with balloons?

I’ve only been making mosaics for a little over a year, but I actually learned some of the skills to make them from when I was in college for graphic design! I’ve always been a creative and crafty type of person, handcrafting gifts for holidays, birthdays, and such. And a part of me has always loved seeing balloon art and intricate balloon displays, but I never thought it was a feasible or realistic career path for me.
After making some of my first mosaic templates for friends & family, I realized that I could actually build a whole business model around mosaics! I didn’t have to limit myself to the “graphic design” portion, just because that was the degree I had or the career path I was on. Right before this, I had quit a very secure corporate position to pursue a life with more art. So the fact that the process of making mosaics would allow me to tap into my graphic design skills, as well as, incorporating more crafting and art into my life. It felt like a no brainer that THIS is what I was meant to be doing, this was meant for me!

What about Madam Mosaic are you most proud of? Is there a specific mosaic you are most proud of?

I’ve always wanted a career that I would be happy to do every day. But I also wanted more creativity in my daily life. One of the biggest problems with being a creative person, is that there are typically limits when working for a particular brand or company. I’m most proud of the fact that Madam Mosaic hits the mark for all of those things. Every single day, I am creating the art that I want to be creating. And because the creativity is limitless, I don’t see an end in sight.
I have 2 mosaics that I am most proud of. I created a beautiful Tiger mosaic for this year’s Chinese New Year, as it is year of the tiger! And I’m also most proud of a mosaic that I made last fall, it was for a Monster’s Inc themed 2nd birthday. It is a 3 foot tall number 2 with a balloon pattern that resembles the character Sully’s fur, incorporated into the number is a small, green monster that resembles the character Mike from the movie. Those were my most creative pieces that I’ve made to date.

We really love your logo for the stamp. What was your inspiration behind it?

I wanted a business name that highlighted the fact that I am a one-woman show: I create the designs that I turn into templates, that I later craft into life-size decorations. The term “balloon-filled mosaic” just didn’t roll off the tongue, as you can imagine. Since I was specifically focusing on mosaics opposed to all balloon decorations, I didn’t necessarily want “balloon” to be in the business name. But I also wanted people to know that I did work with balloons opposed to glass or tile mosaics. Also, my first name is a French, woman’s name and I found out that the word “madam” is derivative from a French term. Thus, Madam Mosaic was born!

How are you using your stamps?

I use my rubber stamp any chance that I get! I stamp the back of my mosaics, post-purchase "Thank You" cards, simple stickers, envelopes, folders, packing slips, flat mailers, and I use them to brand shipping boxes.

Why did you decide to use a rubber stamp, as compared to another branding option?

I like how permanent ink is opposed to stickers, you can peel off a sticker but you can’t peel off a stamp! Plus, as a small business owner, I love how cost efficient rubber stamps and ink are. Ink is very inexpensive and comes in multiple colors, so you can switch it up instead of using the same color all the time. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with stamps and stamping everything so it felt completely natural for me to have a logo stamp for my business.

How has using a rubber stamp helped your business?

Ever since I started stamping my shipping packages, customers LOVE to share their packages from me on their social media pages & that alone helps give my business more exposure! Madam Mosaic feels more like a brand than a business now, just from using a rubber stamp.

How can customers find you?

To shop, get in contact with, and see more from Madam Mosiac, check out their Website and Instagram page!


Tell us how your small business got started, why you do what you do, and how you decided to use rubber stamps in your business. We'd love to share your story with others and inspire more people to support small and dream big!

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