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Create a Playlist-inspired Bullet Journal Spread

In this unique journaling adventure, we blend the art of bullet journaling with the magic of music, creating a space where creativity and melody intertwine. Whether you're seeking motivation, relaxation, or simply a moment of reflection, our playlist-inspired journal spread offers a canvas for capturing the rhythm of your life.

Bullet Journal Materials:

Required Materials

Instructions for Playlist-inspired Bullet Journal Page

1. Stamp your banners

Before jumping in, gather all of your materials for easy access.

Next, open your bullet journal to a fresh spread. Use the banner stamp to stamp two banners, positioning one on each side of the page. Then write "FEBRUARY" and "PLAYLIST" inside each banner.

2. Create your playlist squares

Using the square stamp, stamp four squares onto your spread. If there's extra space, feel free to add more squares!

Enhance your playlist spread by incorporating additional stamps as decorative flair.

3. Draw-in music buttons

With a marker and ruler, draw a straight line towards the bottom of each square. Then, sketch in pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons. Your squares will now resemble those found in your Spotify playlist or Apple Music.

4. Fill your playlist with favorite songs

Complete your playlist squares by adding your favorite songs of the month! Feel free to embellish further with stamps, stickers, and washi tape to add a personalized touch.

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