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Creating a Custom Address Stamp with Kalligraphy Kat

Purchasing a self-inking address stamp can seem like a scary task, especially with all of the customization options offered. We invited Kat from KalligraphyKat to join us for a walkthrough to help guide you down your custom address stamp journey.

Hi Everyone! I’m Kat from KalligraphyKat and today I will be showing you how easy it is to create a custom address stamp with


First step is heading over to If you’re new here, I highly recommend taking some time to explore the site, you wouldn’t believe all the awesome products they offer for literally any kind of project and it’s shipped right to your door.  


Today we will be creating and uploading our custom self-inking stamp design. The dimensions for these custom stamps vary but the stamp I am designing today is going to be
7/8ths by 2 and 5/16ths.


So let’s get started!

How To Make a Custom Return Address Stamp

You have a few different options for designing your stamp. You can either use one of the available templates here to just edit your information and change your font, or you can click the advanced template and build your stamp by uploading your logo, clip art or anything else you want on the stamp.


Go ahead and play around with different options until you’re happy with your final design. Once you’ve reviewed your stamp to your liking and have doubled checked that the information on your stamp is correct, you can go ahead and click “add to cart”.

To place your order, follow the instructions at checkout, and it’s THAT easy!


Just a few days later, I received my custom stamp in the mail and I was ready to use it.

"These stamps have been perfect for my business!"

For other fun stamp collections and ways to personalize your projects, make sure you subscribe to’s youtube channel and follow me on Instagram @kalligraphykat!

With the right guidance, customizing a self-inking address stamp can be simple and enjoyable. Kat did an amazing job breaking down each step and we hope this post helps to clarify the process. What's your next step? Head over to the return address stamp page to browse through designs and find the best fit for you.




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