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DIY Place Cards for New Year's Eve - With Warmhouse Story

Another year over and a new one just begun! Can you believe the new year is practically here already? Wow that happened fast! Whether you're keeping your celebration small or you're going big this year, why not ring in the new year with some class?

We were lucky enough to partner with Warmhouse Story on a fun little project, for New Year's, that is sure to help elevate your dinner table this New Year's Eve! In this blog, Jason from Warmhouse Story is going to show us how to put together some delightful DIY place cards to help you celebrate the new year with style!

First thing's first, let's make sure you have everything you need!

List of Materials:

Designs (Free Downloadables)

Now here are the steps to follow straight from Jason himself!

Step 1:

I started by placing the dried sprigs on the plain white note cards in a well-ventilated space. A small bit of tape kept them from moving when spraying. Upon drying, I flipped the cards over to give them a light dusting of lavender on the reverse.

Step 2:

When the cards were dried, I cut them into two pieces, one 3x3 inch and one 2x3 inch. I used both sizes on my table.

Step 3:

For the 3x3 square cards, I used a single design on the front "Ring in the New With You" and had four different sentiments created for the reverse. I used the 3x3 cards on little metal holders as a sentiment at each place setting.

Step 4:

I used the 2x3 inch pieces to stamp champagne-related original art and left the room to write the names of guests. I ended up placing them in coup-style glasses to designate seating at the table.

And that's it!

Once you finish following these steps, your place cards should be ready to go! The next steps would be setting up the rest of the table to match the same aesthetic and then sending out the invites so you and your friends and family can ring in the new year together with style!

To see more from Warmhouse Story check out their Instagram and Website. For those outside the Twin Cities, Jason offers virtual consulting on the atmosphere if you're looking to up your entertaining game!



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