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Graduation Party Planning with Stamps

Graduation party planning can get expensive – invitations, food, party favors, decorations… the list goes on! However, an easy way to save cash and still have a lavish bash is to use rubber stamps.

Graduation Party Planning With Stamps

Stamps can be incorporated in almost any aspect of your graduation party planning, including invitations, decorations, favors and more. Here are a few easy DIY ideas to try for the big day! | Graduation Party Favors

Materials Needed:


Creating your own invitations doesn't mean they have to look amateur. Simply add your custom information into our Graduation Stamp template, and you'll have a stylish personalized design that's just as sharp as a printed version. Here we’ve stamped our invite on black paper with white pigment ink and then backed it with gold glitter scrapbooking paper. Instant glam!

Custom Banner

Need to dress up your party space? Try a custom banner! The “Class Of” stamp features a simple design that works perfectly for small, repetitive stamping jobs.

We picked up a plain banner from Target and added the stamped circles for a personalized look that looks more expensive than it actually is. Embossed gold glitter adds a dash of sparkle.

Party Favors

What’s a party without cool favors for your guests?! These little graduation hat candy jars are adorable and a sure-fire hit with everyone.

Using the personalized “Thanks for Celebrating” stamp with sticker paper allows you to quickly customize a party favor container, like these glass jars.

To make the hat toppers, simply cut out a strip of paper that fits around the circumference of the jar’s top, and glue it together to make a circle. Next, glue a square piece of paper on top of that.

To make the tassel, we found this great tutorial from Skip to My Lou. After creating the tassel, stick a brad in the middle of the top of the hat, and wrap the loop of the tassel around it. Voilà!

Beverage Straw Flags

Flags are a quick way to add pizzazz to something plain. Customize a wood stamp with text of your name and graduating year, then stamp on it sticker paper. Cut out a flag shape, and wrap it around a patterned straw. Style in a second!

Rubber stamps will add a rustic vibe to your graduation party, while still looking professional. has a variety of stock and custom graduation stamps to choose from, as well as custom embossers.

Want to create your own graduation stamp designs? No problem! Upload the file to one of our many custom stamp mounts, or design it right on the website with our easy customization software. The options are endless!

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