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How to Clean Clear Stamps

If you're a crafter, chances are you have a stash of clear stamps that you use for your projects. Over time, these stamps can get dirty and lose their stickiness, making them difficult to use. Here's how to clean your clear stamps so they're like new again! If you read to the end we even discuss how to make clear stamps cling again.


You may be wondering why we use stamp cleaner and a stamp cleaning pad instead of water and a cloth. This is because of the stamp cleaners effectiveness in removing ink when compared to water along with the pad's ability to keep dust and paper particles from sticking to your stamp. Using a cloth or paper towell will result in small pieces of debrie remaining on your stamp which can cause your impressions to be effected in a negative way.

Step #1

To start spray your stamp cleaner directly onto one side of your Scrub-It pad. This will act as your washing station while the opposite side of the pad will be your dryer.

Step #2

Take your stamp and rub it against the felt side that has solution applied to it. This first wash is to get the majority of the excess ink off your stamp and your stamp can either have the accrylic block attached or removed.

Step #3

The final step is to dry your stamp and remove the last bit of ink by rubbing your stamp against the felt pad that doesn't have cleaner applied to it.

How to make clear stamps cling again

If your clear stamps are starting to lose their cling, it's easy to make them sticky again by simply using mild soap and water. We recommend air drying or using a clean, lint free cloth so new debris isn't re-added to the stamp. You may also want to clean your acrylic block with mild soap and water as well. If that doesn't work, it might be time to replace your clear stamps.



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