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How to Cut Out Stamped Images With Cricut

Ever wonder how card maker's cards look so polished? They use stamp cut outs! Cricut is the perfect tool for cutting out stamped images quickly and precisely. You no longer need to hassle with tedious scissors or deal with uneven edges – Cricut will provide a crisp, professional finish every time!

You can find files for all of our stamp cut outs. Keep reading for a beginners step-by-step tutorial for cutting out stamped images with a cricut macheine! You'll be surprised how easy it is, and you'll never hand-cut again!

1. Upload Your Image To Cricut

Uploading a document to Cricut is a simple and straightforward process that will allow you to start your card craft project with ease. First, ensure that your document is saved in a compatible file format such as SVG, PNG, or JPG. Then, log in to your Cricut account and select the "Upload" option. From there, find and select the image you saved to your computer.

2. Select Your Image/Upload Type

For the image type, we will select the "simple" option to ensure we achieve a transparent background while cutting the edges of our design with the most precision Cricut has to offer. Next, select the "cut image" option when asked to decide your upload type.

3. Add Your Image To The Canvas And Resize

Before we can print our design we need to first select it for upload and resize to ensure the images will fit on our card. Start by selecting the upload you just completed from the availible options and click "add to canvas". Once added to the canvas, we want to resize the image to 4x4 so that it fits and can be cut by the Circut Joy and so the images fit on our card paper. If you have a larger Cricut machine, you can adjust this size as you see fit.

4. Choose Material Load Type/Size And Select Cardstock Weight

By default, the Circut selects "on mat" for material load type and 4.5" x 6.5" for material size. For our project we don't want to change these setting and after ensuring the square outline on your screen aligns over your template as shown in the video you are ready to click continue at the bottom right of your screen. As soon as Cricut accepts your design and the "go" button lights up you are ready to start the cutting process. When the Cricut is done cutting click "unload" and then "done".



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