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How to Make a Stamp of Your Friend's Face For Her Bachelorette Party

Looking for a unique custom touch to your friend's bachelorette party? Make a stamp of her FACE!

Bachelorette Party Favors

It's a fun way to personalize everything from favor/hangover bags, invites, gift tags, and even to stamp on every partier's hand.

Wedding Hashtag Rubber Stamp
Rubber Stamp of Face

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to turn a photo of the bride into her very own custom stamp.

*Note: We used Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, but most programs have these basic tools as well!

Step 1

Open the photo you want to use in Adobe Photoshop, and crop out the face.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 1

Step 2

For a closer crop, use the lasso tool for a freehand selection around the head. Once you've made a complete circle, right click the selection and click Layer Via Cut.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 2

Step 3

Hide the background layer by clicking the eye next to it. Then use the eraser tool to remove any extra background around the head.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 3

Step 4

Right click the background layer, and click Delete Layer. Click Yes.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 4

Step 5

Crop any extra negative space away. Then save your image as a JPEG file.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 5

Step 6

Go to> Stamps and select the stamp mount you want.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 6

Click Personalize.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 6.2

Step 7

Go to Graphics > Add New Graphic > Browse and select where you saved your face image.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 7

Step 8

Click and hold the blue squares around the image to adjust size. Click and drag the image itself to move its location around on the mount.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 8

Step 9

To adjust the image's threshold (how dark or detailed the image is), click Edit Effects.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 9

Then move the slider up or down. Increase the threshold to pull out finer details, or decrease for a darker, denser look. Then click Done.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 10
Face Rubber Stamp - Step 10.2

Step 10

To add text, go to Text > Add New Text Box. Here you can type in any text you wish, and stylize the font. Click and drag the text box to move it around where you want it on the mount. When finished, click Done.

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 11

Step 11

When you have your stamp design as you want it, click Add To Cart and check out!

Face Rubber Stamp - Step 12

A custom stamp of a loved one's face doesn't just work for bachelorette parties, but birthdays, political campaigns, fun gifts and save the dates, too. The options are really endless! 

Custom Rubber Stamp of Face on a Gift Tag
Custom Rubber Stamp of Face

For questions on the stamp customization process, contact customer service.



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