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How to Put a Custom Twist on Stock Stamps

Custom stamps are so fun and gratifying to use, but you can totally get personalization using stock stamps, too! Combining stock stamps with stock PEGZ letter stamps allows you to generate an endless number of custom masterpieces.

PEGZ letter stamps require no customization when buying online, so they can ship out quickly and are easy on the budget. Plus, their versatility allows you to use them with virtually any project that needs a custom message. Mix and match them with any stock stamps you have, and boom! A personalized card, gift tag, craft, package, scrapbook page and more.

To showcase what we mean, we put together a few DIY greeting cards -- two cat-themed birthday cards and a birth announcement -- using stock stamps and PEGZ.

Our two "cat thinking bubble" stamps are the perfect stock stamps to personalize; just write in a different message for each person. On the other hand, the stork stamp is great for all your baby crafting DIYs: baby shower invites, birth announcements, scrapbooks, etc. Just add in names, dates, times and other custom messages with PEGZ.

Here's the lowdown:



Step 1: Gather supplies.

Step 2: Stamp. Our always gives us crisp impressions.

Step 3: Color. We use copic markers for vibrancy and easy blending. The trick is to color in small circles using two colors from the same family to create shades and depth. Start with a lighter color for the base, and add a darker shade on the edges.

Step 4: Blend. While the colors are still relatively wet, use the base shade to blend the colors together. You can also try a colorless blender copic marker.

Step 5: Add a custom message with PEGZ stamps

Step 6: Back your stamped design on paper using glue dots or any kind of adhesive.

Step 7: Sit back and admire your work! A custom piece using stock stamps.

Tomorrow is Card Making Day -- send us links to your custom DIY cards in the comments below! We'd love to see them.



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