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How to Put a Handwritten Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board featuring a Handwritten Recipe

Just like you can upload your own design for a custom stamp, you can upload your own design to make a custom cutting board!

Handwritten Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board

A custom cutting board is an ideal gift for the holidays, and what better way to preserve family memories than one with a handwritten family recipe engraved into it. Here's the lowdown on how we did it.

Handwritten Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board |

If possible, have the recipe written on plain white paper with a dark-colored pen or marker. The more contrast between the writing and background, the better the engraving will show up. Then scan the recipe and save it as a JPEG.

Then, go to If you’re starting from the homepage, go to Custom Gifts > Engraved Cutting Boards.

Look for the Upload Your Own Design option, and hit the Customize button.

Hit Customize again.

Go to the graphics tab, click "ADD NEW GRAPHIC," and browse for your recipe file wherever you have it saved.

Your image will automatically upload in black and white. You can move the image around, as well as adjust the size by clicking and dragging the blue squares.

To adjust your graphic's level of darkness, click "Edit Effects." Slide the “Threshold Value” down to make the image darker and up to make the image lighter.

If you have another graphic to add, click "ADD NEW GRAPHIC," and do the process over again.

When you're happy with your design, click "Add To Cart," and complete the checkout process. It's that easy!

How to create a custom cutting board from a family recipe card
Handwritten Family Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board

Round out your custom cutting board gift with the ingredients to make your engraved recipe! Layer them in a mason jar, add a bow and tie on a gift tag. You can even make your own DIY tags using one of our many gift tag rubber stamps!

Handwritten Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board + Recipe in a Jar
Handwritten Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board + Recipe in a Jar | Holiday Gift Ideas |
Recipe in a jar + Custom engraved cutting board with handwritten recipe = the perfect gift!
Quick Tip: Stamp markers allow you to feature multiple colors on one stamp impression, while glitter pens help to add a festive touch!
DIY Stamped Holiday Gift Tag with Stamp Markers and Glitter Pens

Need more help on how to customize products on Watch our step-by-step video tutorials, including advice on templates, ink options, text, arc text, graphics and additional editing tips.

Handwritten Recipe on a Custom Cutting Board

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