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DIY Glitter Stamped Wood Ornaments

We're always looking for new ways to use stamps, especially when we're feeling crafty around the holidays. After enhancing cards and envelopes, we decided to use our stamps to create one-of-a-kind stamped wood ornaments to cherish year after year! Ordering a stamp online with is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sort through our wide selection of holiday stamps, and start decorating!



1. Coat the wooden ornaments with white paint and let them dry. A clean palette helps the stamp impression and glitter stand out. However, if you're in favor of a more rustic look, you can definitely leave the ornament as is.

2. Stamp your impression directly on the ornament with the ink color of your choice.

3. Immediately cover the wet ink with glitter, then shake off the excess. You can try matching the glitter to the ink, or white glitter works with any color while still allowing the ink to show through.

Here's a peek at the ornaments we cooked up for this year's tree:

First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

Our Married First Christmas Stamp will make any newlywed couple smile. The "2016" cupid's arrow definitely adds a romantic touch. When you're done making ornaments, the stamp works great for those wedding thank yous.

DIY Custom Glitter Stamped Wood Ornaments
DIY Custom Glitter Stamped Wood Ornaments

Custom Snowflake Gift Tag

When you make an ornament with our Custom Snowflake Tag Stamp, it not only looks great on the tree, but is also a unique gift tag on all your holiday gifts.

DIY Custom Glitter Stamped Wood Ornaments

Custom Merry Christmas Year

Many families have the tradition of adding a new ornament to the tree every year, and this Custom Merry Christmas Year Stamp would make for a lovely addition. The design features an evergreen tree surrounded by woodland creatures, and allows you to personalize your name and year.

Baby's First Christmas

Give your little one a sentimental gift from the year of their birth with a custom DIY ornament. Upload your own design to create a custom baby’s first Christmas stamp. Add a little glitter, and the end product is magical.

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