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How To Use Embossers

Embossers create a raised surface on paper and are perfect for envelopes, cards and letterheads. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to assemble your embosser and how to use it to get a crisp impression every time.

Step 1: Assemble Your Embosser

To assemble your embosser, hold the die plate with the circle side facing up and the side with the indents facing down. Then, pinch the die plate together and insert it into the embosser. Make sure the two indents at the bottom of the die plate snap into the embosser.

Step 2: Start Embossing

When embossing, make sure to do only one sheet of paper at a time. Insert the paper between the two plates and press firmly down on the handle. However, don't press too hard. Too much pressure will cause the paper to rip.

Step 3: Swap Out Designs

To swap out designs, pinch the die plate and pull it out of the embosser. Then use the same process for assembling to insert a new embosser clip with a different design.

Step 4: Store Your Embosser

To store your embosser back in the box, hold the handle down and move the locking switch up to keep the embosser in a closed position.

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