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Look Who's Stamping: Brittany Viklund of Viklund Made

When we find someone who loves office supplies and paper goodies as much as we do, we immediately want to be their friend. Insert Brittany Viklund of Viklund Made!

Viklund is a talented illustrator, interior designer, new mom, former Miss New Mexico USA and maker of all things beautiful! Her new blog and business, Viklund Made, showcases all of her talents and we're only a little obsessed (okay, a lotta obsessed). One of our favorite aspects of her brand is her drawings, which she packages with a variety of custom stamps from our shop.

"As an artist I create one-of-a-kind custom illustrations for my customers. In many cases these are wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, new home gifts, and so forth!" Viklund said. "Because of the custom nature of my pieces, I love to attach my brand to my work and wrap my pieces in exciting packaging ready to be gifted. My stamp assortment from allows me to do this beautiful."

Every aspect of the product has thought and personalization behind it, and stamps make that happen.

"I always stamp the back of every custom piece so that its owner knows it’s a one-of-a-kind original. I also have various logo stamps that I use on thank you notes for my customers and on the mailer that the art comes in. As a customer there is nothing more exciting than opening your mailbox to find a package you have been eagerly anticipating that is fun and beautiful. I even created a 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' stamp in my branded font to keep everything streamlined."

These custom stamps help fill her love for fun supplies, while at the same time, help her to market her business.

"On an individual level, I’m a huge office supply junkie. It’s so much fun for me to stamp my journals, note pads, etc. with my branded stamps as well to make everything a little more personal," she said.

Viklund explains how such a simple tool can make such a big difference, saying, "I love watching my logo transfer onto papers & goods from the stamp pad -- it never ceases to amaze me."SaveSave

Us too!

* All photos courtesy of Brittany Viklund.


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