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New Re:Marks Pigment Ink Pads

We're so excited about the release of our new Re:Marks by ExcelMark pigment ink pads, that we needed to take a moment to tell you why they're so awesome!

Featuring long-lasting, water-based pigment for vibrant, fade-resistant color, these little ink pads are the answer to all your inking needs. The ink’s slow-drying nature makes it ideal for embossing and heat setting.

These premiere ink pads come in convenient 2” x 2” stackable cases for easy storage in small spaces. Plus, their portable size and economical price make them a perfect choice for all those crafting and stamping projects!

But despite their small size, a raised felt pad allows this pad to be used with any-sized rubber stamp. Choose from a variety of ink colors to find the perfect shade for your needs!

Want to check out all of the ink pad options? Head on over to our full selection now!




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