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Social Distancing Products to Help You Stay Safe (+ Happy)

We're all trying to figure out our new normal, whether needing help enforcing the rules of social distancing at our place business, or looking for ways to lift spirits while stuck at home. Here are some products to help you do just that, and stay happy and healthy during (and post) the pandemic.

Social Distancing Floor Decals

Display a vibrant floor decal as a friendly reminder to adhere to the rules of social distancing. Constructed from durable polyester, they are anti-slip and scuff-resistant, and can handle high-traffic activity like pallet trucks and stiletto heels. Social distancing decals are a perfect safety solution for grocery stores, airports, restaurants, malls and more.

Crafting Stamps

Looking for a fun activity to pass the hours at home? Now is the perfect time to work on those craft projects you've been meaning to tackle. Grab a handful of craft rubber stamps for that family vacation scrapbook you've been putting off, or that handmade card that's sure to make someone's day.

Social Distancing Signs

Keep your business or public space safe with a social distancing sign. Constructed from thick white plastic, these signs promise long-lasting durability. Choose from a variety of sizes and vivid, digitally printed designs to fit your specific needs. Perfect for grocery stores, restaurants, offices or even your front door.

Acrylic Name Plates

Need something to spruce up your home office or child's study space? An acrylic name plate adds a colorful splash of joy and personality with a unique 3D look. Customize one with your name, occupation, personal mantra and/or whatever novelty phrase you want!

Social Distancing Glass Decals

Our new healthy habit decals help remind others to prevent the spread of germs. Display one of these colorful notices as an indication to wash your hands, cover a cough, not touch your face, or not shake hands. These decals are made with white vinyl and feature front or back adhesive to place on windows, mirrors or display cases.

Custom Signs & Yard Signs

Our custom signs are a smart and economical way give customers a heads up about your business. Whether you need to provide instruction, advertise or announce an update, you can personalize each sign to your specific requirements. Signs are constructed from durable corrugated plastic and printed on one side in black, blue, green, orange, purple or red. Get it with with a metal frame to stick in your yard!

Social Distancing Chair Decals

As we start venturing outside to partake in normal activities again, we'll have to be mindful of giving everyone a little extra space. Social distancing chair decals can help communicate and reinforce policies to ensure safety and reduce the spread of germs. Just stick a decal on a seat at the movie theater, airport, waiting room or train station.

Address Stamps

Snail mail is a great way to let someone know you're thinking of them, even if you can't see them in person. An address stamp can help make sending a letter easier, faster and with a smidge of personality. Spread some love! We need it now more than ever.



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