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Sequins and Lace Design: Etsy Gone Right

Every so often there’s an Etsy shop that really catches our eye in terms of quality products and top-notch branding; Sequins and Lace Design has done just that – while using our rubber stamps, nonetheless!

Megen DiSanto began Sequins and Lace as a way to cure her “separation anxiety post-wedding when [she] realized [she] did not have to craft, DIY, glue gun anymore.” She thought she would be relieved once the work was done, but found out that wasn’t the case.

“What about all the brides like me who could not find the perfect rustic hanger to give their amazing bridesmaids or who didn't know how to find beautiful vintage hankies, silverware and dishes for that memorable detail shot?” DiSanto said. “I just knew there might be others out there like me and who would appreciate the details as much as I did and do.” So, with a few leftover wedding items, she launched Sequins and Lace just two weeks after her wedding. The shop features everything from rustic-chic wedding products to fun gifts.

Throughout her wedding planning, DiSanto used rubber stamps in a variety of ways, including save-the-dates, response cards, wedding invites and cocktail stirrers. So, it’s no surprise rubbers stamps are now used to help brand S&L, including business cards, boxes and bags, note cards and gift wrapping.

DiSanto says the use of stamps is a tribute to small business owners like herself. Every item sold on S&L has multiple stamp touch points.



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