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Stamped Wrapping Paper That Turns Heads

Looking to impress family and friends with your wrapping skills? Try this easy and inexpensive stamped wrapping paper for the holidays.

Stamps are a quick way to give boring, plain wrapping paper a designer look for half the price. Then, with some ribbon and a few festive accents, everyone will be asking if you had your gifts professionally wrapped!



1. Start by cutting out the correct size sheet of paper to fit your present.

2. We recommend stamping the paper first – unless the item to be gifted is quite flat and hard, your stamp impression may not be completely crisp. Choose your favorite holiday stamps – we used our Santa face stamp, vintage ice skates stamp, vintage reindeer stamp, vintage snowman stamp and Santa sleigh stamp. Depending on what look you’re going for, you can either use pigment ink for a traditional stamp impression, or you can emboss your design!

3. After letting the stamped paper dry overnight (just to be sure of a smear-free finish!), we wrapped up the gift, added some ribbon and accented with pine branches, pine cones or berries. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add personal touches. Happy stamping!



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