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Taking on Fabric: Hand-Stamped Shoes

The stamp + fabric combo often gets overlooked because, let’s face it, stamping on anything but paper can be a bit daunting. But once you get the hang of it – and, we admit, after a few failed attempts – it opens the door to endless crafting opportunities. Painted monogrammed shoes have been making the craft world rounds lately, and we thought we could make that project a whole lot easier by just using stamps.

We found some cheap canvas shoes at Michaels that worked great as a blank slate. We removed the shoe laces for easier stamping and preppy style! has the handy ability to create any kind of custom wood stamp you’d like, so we chose some circular monograms and an anchor for a nautical look. First we stamped the monogram. You’ll get a cleaner impression if you place a hard object underneath the tongue of the shoe while you stamp. The pigment ink we used is permanent on fabrics after heat-setting, so textile stamping is super convenient.

Next we stamped the anchor. You can create any pattern you’d like – we just did an all-over random one.

After we finished, we dried the ink with a heat-setting tool and the shoes were ready for a day out on the yacht!

Stay tuned next week for more fabric-stamping projects!



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