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Thanksgiving Stamped Coloring Page

It’s kind of hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner! To keep the reason for the season in mind, we created a Thanksgiving stamped coloring page for loved ones to express their gratitude.

It's a great piece to put on each place setting at your Thanksgiving table.

Our “Be Grateful” Thanksgiving stamp features space to not only write who you're grateful for, what you're grateful for and why you're grateful, but also a box to draw a picture and a leaf border to color in!

Liking all those fun printables you see on Pinterest, but don't have a printer? This festive stamp gives you endless copies and is reusable year after year.

This simple activity is fun for kids and adults alike. Who doesn't love a little coloring to unwind?

The instructions are simple: Just ink up the stamp, make your impression on the paper and then trim any excess around it. Be sure to leave out pens or pencils and coloring utensils for the artists.

Want to keep the tradition alive? Save each year's creations, and then bring them out year after year to see how everyone's answers (and artistic skills) have evolved.

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