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Wedding Stamps – Inspiration for Your DIY Wedding

Using wedding stamps throughout your DIY wedding is the perfect way to add personal touches, stick with a theme, make things easier and save money! Wedding rubber stamps are perfect for making DIY wedding stationery, wedding invitations, save the dates, table decorations, place cards, wedding favors and more.  



Rubber stamps allow you to create items that reflect your color scheme through all aspects of the wedding and compliment your wedding theme. Choose from a wide variety of great stock and custom wedding stamps to go along with almost any style. Different colored inks and stamping effects, like embossing, add to the personalization. These small details offer a fun, personalized way to dress up your postage and envelopes and are the easiest way to add a special touch to everything you need. Here are some considerations when choosing or designing rubber stamps for your wedding stationary:



Pick a design that closely reflects the image that you want to create. If you are planning a contemporary wedding or a wedding that is non-traditional, then heavy images or floral designs may combat your overall design, whereas a rubber stamp with strong lines may not compliment other wedding styles.



In addition to the classic stamp type most people are familiar with, there are many other types stamp available. These could include clear acrylic stamps, or even . Each type of stamp has its unique advantages and disadvantages. When picking a wedding rubber stamp for your invitations, you may want to go with a traditional wood mounted stamp that can be kept as an elegant keepsake or gift to guests. On the other hand, a self-inking return address stamp might be more practical for quickly stamping your address on all of your envelopes.



Rubber stamps are available in a wide range of sizes. The type of stamp chosen will depend on the overall look that you want, as well as on the size and style of stationery that you are planning to use. You can choose to purchase stamps in a variety of sizes so that one could be used to stamp onto invitations, for instance, and another can be used to stamp a stylish motif on the back of envelopes.



You can even use food safe ink with a small rubber stamp to mark your cocktail napkins with the bride and groom’s initials. Using a monogram stamp to decorate the back of save the date envelopes adds the perfect small detail for a little extra something.



Try to find a family or two of fonts that fit the type of theme you're going for. For example, bold, sans serif fonts for a contemporary wedding, and script or serif fonts for a more traditional wedding. Don't be afraid to mix and match different fonts if the overall look still fits with your style. Adjusting the size of certain words or punctuation can add interest and attract the reader's eye. After designing your stamp design(s), save them in a JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG or PDF format.


Save the Dates


Rubber stamps are a quick way to make save the date cards and are the perfect way to create cards that make a statement. They are likely to be the first piece of correspondence that people receive about your wedding and will help set the tone for the day. Save the date cards give guests advance notice of the date of your wedding. These useful cards just give basic information as a formal invitation will follow closer to the date. Save the date cards are particularly useful when the wedding falls during a busy time of the year. Get creative with your save the date cards by experimenting with size and shape. Smaller business card sized save the dates could be practical and easy to fit in a wallet. You can even choose to stamp your own magnets or bookmarks for something out of the ordinary. For example, for this nautical themed wedding, we used a large, pre-inked stamp on small card stock. We then added our own personal touches with a sailor’s knot and an embossed anchor detail.


The Invitations

DIY wedding invitations are generally much cheaper than commercially produced alternatives. Wedding invitations can be as unique as the couple getting married and are the first formal notification that people will receive about a wedding. Although save the date cards may have been sent out earlier, these are typically informal and give very basic information about the wedding. The key purpose of a wedding invitation is to provide guests with essential information about the wedding. A couple can choose to be as formal or as informal as they like and many bride and grooms use this as a chance to put their own identity on their wedding. Wedding stamps are a great way to do this! Our nautical themed wedding invitation was made using several different stamps. We wanted ours to be fun and simple, yet have a few added details, so our nautical wedding invitations include sailor knots and embossed details that pair well with our save the date cards.



The three pieces of essential information that need to be provided in a wedding invitation are the what, where and when. The what of a wedding invitation is an explanation about the event. This should give the guests all the information that they need about the ceremony and celebrations, and help guests be informed of what to expect. This information is usually in the main body of the invitation or as an enclosure. The where explains where the ceremony and celebrations are to be held. Basic information can be provided on the invitation. Other information might include a map, parking information and suggestions for accommodation. You can use rubber stamps and other crafting materials to make the supplementary information look professionally designed. The when, of course, is the date and time of the wedding. Although a save the date card shared the date of the wedding, the invitation will confirm this information.


Other Wedding Stamps Ideas

Return Address Stamps

A is a great way to add your return address to your wedding envelopes. This is an easy step and saves you from having to print or hand write your return address. A return address stamp can even be a great gift for a bride and groom because it is personalized and it will be one of the first items they will own with their last name on it.



Using wedding stamps and embossing powder is another fun way to add to the overall aesthetic of your wedding stationary. You can use a monogram stamp, for instance, to make an image with embossing ink. Apply embossing powder while the ink is wet and pour off the excess powder. Set the ink with a heating tool held at a 45 degree angle 2 inches above the paper. As the embossing powder melts, it becomes shiny and reflective, giving the cards a unique sparkle.


Wedding Favors

Depending on how many guests you have at your wedding, favors can take up a large chunk of your budget. can help you create beautiful, personalized wedding favors without breaking the bank. Just like the rest of your wedding, wedding favors should reflect the couple getting married and help guests remember your big day!


Escort Cards / Place Cards

Help guests find their table and/or specific seat with escort and place cards. With a quick stamp of a customized design, coordinating colored or glitter scrapbooking paper and adhesive embellishments, these little cards will look extremely elegant at a fraction of the price of printed ones.



As you can see, it is easy to create all the stationary you need for your wedding with rubber stamps, and with a little more creativity you can use our stamps to create decorations and favors as well.



We would love to see what ideas you come up with using rubber stamps to create a stylish DIY wedding. Please share your ideas with us and happy stamping!


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