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Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

What do mustard stains, Phish concerts and Making a Murderer all have in common? Find out in this episode of Fake It Till You Make It, when Paul and Kaitlyn create marbled paper using shaving cream.

Be sure to watch until the end to see how to WIN your very own address stamp!



Welcome to "Fake It Till You Make It."

- On this episode we're gonna be crafting with shaving cream.

- Let's craft.

- This is so stupid.


- We actually don't have a project. We're just gonna shave Paul's beard.

We're gonna marble paper.

And you can make cards, you could do envelopes, you could do scrapbooking embellishments.

Anything that involves paper you can marble it.


- Could you do paper airplanes?

- You sure could.

- Wow.

- Let's do it.

(laughing) Oh shoot.

Here's what you need.

- [Paul] A baking dish.

- [Kaitlyn] Foam shaving cream.

- [Paul] Gel food coloring.

- [Kaitlyn] Heavyweight paper.

- [Paul] Some kind of stick.

- [Kaitlyn] Ruler.

- [Paul] Rubber spatula.

- [Kaitlyn] Gloves.

- [Paul] Paper towel.

- [Kaitlyn] Address stamp.

- Washi or painter's tape.



- Yeah, I've been doing magic on the side.

- Nice.



- Spray some in here.

- You wanna do about two cups. Of foam.

- Basically cover the bottom of it. We're gonna smooth this out.

- This is like we're making a cake or something.

- Mm torte.

- Mm, toiletry cake.

We'll do a nice shampoo drizzle after this.

- Make sure you have lots of paper towel on hand 'cause this gets messy.

Sometimes crafting gets--


I also have this little pan nearby just to like wipe shaving cream.

- Like that?

- Now I have some gel food coloring.

And what we're gonna do is do a few drops.

I like to start with like two colors and then you can add more as we go.

So do a few drops.

Kinda spread it around.

- How many?
- I think that's good.

Okay, that's good.

And I'm gonna add some yellow.


You just need some sort of stick.

So you don't wanna mix it too much.

Just go.

Now this is heavyweight cardstock. It needs to be a little thicker because otherwise it'll kinda get a little schmutzy, you know.

- Schmutzy.

- Schmutzy.

All right, and then you're just gonna place it on here. Push down. (squishing)

Make sure it's all covered.

Lift it off.
- Ooh.

And you're done.

- Not yet.

And I have this plastic ruler.

- Wow!

- Take a look at that.

Let it dry a little bit.

And then put something heavy to flatten it out.

You wanna try your hand at it?

- Yeah, I'll give it a go.

Now may I add another color?

- Oh yeah, go for it.

- Alright.

Oh, we were supposed to use gloves.

- Oops.

- Hm, wow, amateurs.

So Kaitlyn didn't point this out, but dye will also dye your hands.

- You know what, I just--

- So you should really wear gloves.

It feels very medical.
- Constricting.

Big one.

- I'm gonna do a full sheet because I'm not scared.

Oh yeah, I was gonna add a color.

So as the victim was impacted.


Went like that.

- "Making a Murderer".

- Ya.

- Ya.
- Ya.

- Wow, that is lovely.

- You notice the colors kind of like to meet each other

(romantic music) and make new colors.

- You know that's just the beauty of--

- Colors.

- The color wheel.

You don't wanna mix it too much.

- So I like to gently place it.

- I didn't gently place it?


Squish it in there.

Okay, okay, okay.

Oh dear.

Okay, maybe just lay it flat first.

- Oh that's a good call.

We have gloves.

Oh wow.

- Ooh, look at that.

- Looks like I'm going to a Phish concert.

(psychedelic music)

Didn't really get the edges, but I think the middle makes up for it.

- I mean, you could always cut it.

- I call this one Frolicking in the Woods.

- I call this Perfection.
- Mustard Stains.

- Mustard.

- So we're gonna wait a little bit of time to let that dry.

- Oh.

- Gosh, Kaitlyn.

- How is that my fault?

(elevator music)

We laid these flat with something heavy over it to dry.

We laid these flat with something heavy over it to dry.

And then you could do envelopes like this.

I had taped this off with washi tape so that when I like dip it that it doesn't get dye on the parts that I don't want it to.

So, washi tape, fun fact, is that you can peel it off and it doesn't wreck the paper.

You could also use like painter's tape.

That one just seems like a little too...

- Kaitlyn has a thing against painter's tape.

- And then, there ya go.

Complete it with a little address stamp.

- I mean we, ooh.
- Oops.

- No, no we gotta see this one.

- Just relax.

There we go.

- I mean we had to show off a stamp at some point.

(romantic music) Wait, what is this?

John and Kaitlyn.

- Um.
- Ooh.

- It was just a stock name, okay.

Don't get your panties in a bunch.

- Alright.
- Okay.

And then.

- I'm kinda embarrassed by mine.

- You don't wanna use yours?

- We can, it's just, all right.

- It's nice, it's colorful.

And then you can pop it in one of these handy dandy.

- May I?





- Did that hurt?

- No.

Not yet.

- Cute little tag.

And you can like back that with something, punch a little hole in it.

Oh you could do envelope liners.

Check out the blog for how to do that.

You guys should make some and then show us.

- We give away a stamp for someone who does this.


- Here's what we're gonna do guys.

Take a picture of your marbling art.

Then tag us.

You can tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

And then Paul and I will pick our fav.

We'll give the winner an address stamp.

Re:Marks address stamp, whatever design you want.

- I mean we set the bar pretty low, so.

Thanks for watching this project.

Can't wait to see your beautiful submissions.

We'll see you next time on

"Fake It Till You Make It".
- "Fake It Till You Make It".



- Sorry.

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